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  1. Well, I could say my opinion for the track selection - it is rather unsatisfactory - to me. About the flow - here should be good as far as I could assess this. And technically, transitions and special techniques, I can`t judge this.


    And about that the whole is not nice .. well I think this cannot be explained further .. lets say it in this way, imo if there are some/several pretty remarkable tracks in one set, then it is fine, but strictly said, still not completely good. All of them cannot be remarkable. Thus is as well your set not overall good. But it seems that I do not find even 1,2 cool tracks(, still).

  2. So what is the outcome of Anoebis` and no-nonsense`s cases ? Did the respective person listen to a track 30 times in a row ? If not, then it has been a blank shot :mellow:


    The problem with this thing getting people to trance is the following : the person that is persuaded is often finally going somewhere again aside from the Trance. Very often. It is not a food for everyone. One may say it is worth even to get a single person into. Well if you ask me, a single person not getting into Trance after the attempts is a real offence for me. But what getting, there is not even a single comment out of the attempts. Thats the gist. Period.


    I gave to a fellow some songs to listen to but he then didnt remember of listening them. Well I cant be going further. I appreciate him as a friend and know that not all people are assertive in following their wishes and these of the others, but I cannot just go on. What is the point ? D better be listening to superior music than the others and keeping it value by hardly promoting it.


    There is a saying "Only the shit needs advertising." .. And other one "Brain cannot be poured into by brute force." ..

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