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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uATALvI09DU&feature=plcp
  2. DOWNLOAD @ http://acprecords.bandcamp.com/album/re-search-ep
  3. "No, no, no!! Bad robot! We do not do that! We do not eat test tubes!" Seems that quote from Kyro - Test Tubes stuck to everybody's head. Thanks for review Trance2MoveU.
  4. PROUDLY PRESENTS ACPEP17 ! Master Lost Buddha returned after a very long time of Pure Meditation. The Blessed Eight brings you the revelation of the true Power that Exists in each one of us , one of the best of God's Creation in the Universe. Now let's Dance and thank The Lord for His Magnificence and all of His Wonders and True Love for the Universe and Mankind. AMEN. credits released 30 April 2012 All tracks written and produced by Filipe Santos at The Zen Garden Studio. Mastered by Amithaba Buddha. Original Art by Raffaele Monti Additional Art by The Lost Buddha http://acprecords.ba...lessed-eight-ep
  5. ACPEP17 Filipe Santos returns under Chynacid with some fresh material after his last debut in 2010 , Tofu EP. http://acprecords.bandcamp.com/album/zen-dimensions-ep
  6. pretty good man didn't know that one sounds like they used to use certain patterns into their songs , thanks for identifying the mod E-Mantra
  7. On Topic : Acid Trance recommendations Started by Joost, Today, 01:34 PM Buddha help us all.
  8. coverart could be a bit smaller will have a listen later on , keep it up
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