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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Galactic Mantra Title: Wings of Time EP Label: ACP Records Date: February, 2012 1. Dance With The Ancient 2. Gate of Light Spirits 3. Illusionary Rock 4. Lost Planet 5. Wings of Time Eden Azulay is the mind behind this project released by Filipe Santos and his ACP Records label. I could bullsh*t you and say that this great goa trance, that the melodies twist amongst each other bringing you to nirvana while weaving an intricate story. But I would be lying. And I only lie to girls. This is pretty boring and more of a notepad of ideas that seems unfinished. The 2 minute Illusionary Rock interlude? It has promise, but flesh that thing out and make a full track. The first two tracks were typical full-on that has been done 8 million times before. Which is surprising because Filipe (runs label) constantly preaches doing something different. The whole thing sounds rather generic. Lost Planet isn't bad but it's length to idea ratio is way too high. Gotta trim the fat so to speak. Wings of Time is the best for me here as it approaches some Astral Projection greatness without reaching it. Melodic trance for sure. But as always judge for yourselves, they were nice to make it a free release. Free at ACP Records Mdk
  2. Artist: Zamurai & Apatheya Title: Goa With Attitude EP Label: ACP Records Date: July, 2012 1. Who Knew - Apatheya 2. Everybody's A DJ - Zamurai By now (if not years earlier) people should know who Filipe Santos is and that he seems to make quality goa trance so effortlessly that it bores him. Maybe it does. Maybe we are just sheep and he's a good sheep herder. But his label pumps out EP's that I cannot help scooping up. Here he is with Simon Palmieri who himself released and EP earlier this summer called At Full Goa Force - Chapter One (review here). So guess what you get here? Goa head, I'll wait. So bad. No guesses needed as I'm sure you figured out it's goa trance. Simon crafts a racy (settle down) track that has leads that move like your sister's pet hamster that hit the jogging wheel cause he felt fat. Filipe's Everybody is a DJ (I'm guessing that is his shot at all the producers of unoriginal new school goa trance) is another quality production that just has lead after lead to make you dance. So for whatever passes for money these days on that sheep pasture across the Atlantic it only costs one of them. Well spent people. ACP Records Mdk
  3. Artist: Sylica-X Title: Research EP Label: ACP Records Date: October, 2012 1. Re-Search 2. Hypoxis Talking sh*t is an art form. There are plenty of people who talk a good game but don't or won't back it up. Take this heifer for example. If we ignore the fact that she could be distracted by a box of twinkies I'd still be willing to bet that you could unwrap that gun and it would be made of chocolate. Bang bang. You've got diabetes. I'm not sure if this artist is Filipe Santos (can you blame me, he seems to have a new project monthly), but even if it isn't him, it's being put out on his label. He has been releasing quality original goa trance for what seems like a decade and a lot of that for free. He charges for some of it, but you know what...he's earned it. I have never listened to his music and said this sucks. Never happened. I won't go into all his aliases (go to Discogs), but his projects are different than a lot of the goa around today. He consistently tells artists to take risks and not follow the same mold. And he backs it up. But mistake his originality for poor quality at your own peril. He has an old school sound that few can duplicate. Re-Search swings the 303 like Thor's hammer and settles into a good groove instead of coming out with guns blazing. Instead of force feeding you melodies he introduces them until you attain a comfort level and then it's on to the next one. Now don't get me wrong(ly). I love melodies and stacks of them. But when you get a Filipe Santos production it's always something to look forward to. So if he talks a little smack about doing something different it's ok to listen to him. He knows what he's talking about. And he doesn't need a chocolate gun to back it up. ACP Records Mdk
  4. Artist: RHot Title: Intellectual Mind EP Label: ACP Records Date: January, 2012 1. Intellectual Mind 2. Bitboxin 3.Kung Fu Kernel 4. Gigs and Ghosts "I imagine...that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole." Anytime a new release drops from Filipe's label I cannot wait to hear it. Can never have too much goa I always say. Besides I know a good deal when I see one. Have you seen the price of gold these days? In all seriousness (whatever) Filipe is very consistent in bringing slamming goa trance to the masses, whether it's as an artist or a label head. So homie's got credit with me. This is Simon Palmieri from the good ol' US of A (who is also Apatheya) with another EP and after several listens I popped a silicone tittie. This EP starts off well. A great opener with a screaming 303 and a breakbeat downtempo track that isn't half bad. Then he goes on to nut punch you with an 8-bit Legend of Zelda vs Galaga battle that had me scratching my head. I don't get that type of music. Don't think you can dance to it, and who would pump this out of their car stereo? So...why? Meh, the price is right (free) and you get at least 1 useful track out of it. Still love you Filipe. Even though you nut punched me. Nut puncher. Get it here! Mdk
  5. Artist: Apatheya Title: At Full Goa Force - Chapter One EP Label: ACP Records Date: June, 2012 1. Getafish 2. The Toppest Another EP release from Filipe's digital label has found it's way into my hard drive and I shall make no apologies for it. This was mixed and produced by Simon Palmieri who is no doubt suckling at the teat of this goa master. I'm sure everyone will be pleased with that image. Too late, can't unthink it. So having listened to these two tracks 10 times in a row I come to the conclusion that they are beholden to the old school sound. As usual they sound great with racing melodies with which you will find yourself entangled. You're not overloaded with sounds, but the ones that are there feel nice and warm. My favorite is The Toppest which sounds just like MFG would with layers and spiraling melodies that have no expiration date. Can't ever have too much goa so great job Simon and Filipe. Highly recommended. ACP Records Mdk
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