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  1. Look at the birds!!

  2. These shoes may cause foot crabs.

  3. Here comes Batman the horse!

  4. Shut your mudhole!

  5. KILLARGH/Skazi jokes are no longer funny (nor have they ever been). yours truly, ensign
  6. i was hoping i wouldn't have to use this... but oh... the irony. from: http://www.geocities.com/ganjalien/psytemp.html (in case traveller deletes it): -ensign
  7. Then you have no right to EVER EVER f'ing discuss the ethics of music downloading on here EVER again, for fuck sake. The reason I noticed you in the first place was because of your staunch stance on on music downloading... now to hear you say "it's okay for exceptions".... what a load of crap. Just keep your mouth shut in the future... -ensign ps - we know you must have lost your twisted privileges pps - i (and most others) dont give a flying fuck who paid for/download it, so stop posting about it, everyone =) let's discuss the quality of the album!
  8. No, Cinos, it is not "legal" for you to download it, because as you are downloading, you are also assisting others who did not/will not pay for it. -ensign
  9. especially considering the fact that not only are you condoning the use of BT to get albums beforehand, but you are also aiding and abetting BY using BT, b\c your d/l time is also used to share it to other ppl who may/may not buy the album. im not saying i have any prob w\ this... just very amused considering your history of file share bashing. Seems that as soon as you are out of the loop for new pre-releases, you give in to the apple that we've all been eating from. the snake approves. -ensign
  10. anyone know of an update on this?? this wait is killing me! it also bothers me how on one page of www.twisted.co.uk it says may 22, and the other may 28.... -ensign
  11. in college, our resident advisor's last name was "Ginde" (he was indian), so one of my blockmates went on our friend's computer and renamed several hundred songs so that "ginde" was in every title. Brown-Eyed Girl became Brown-Eyed Ginde... others included "We Built this Ginde", "Ginde's always on my mind", "My Ginde", etc etc... the best part was that back in the day, we shared mp3s across our entire campus's network, and subsequently on napster etc (b4 it turned to shit)... so these butchered-title mp3s were floating around for years. -ensign
  12. what a lame topic here guys... this is basically everyone vs. one person, we all pretty much already agree that Telepatu is the "outsider" believing that goa does not evoke emotions. seriously, this is just one of those "prove me i'm wrong, but i'm just going to disagree with you" topics. give it a rest guys, we're really just preaching to the choir (and the kid outside the church who obviously has headphones on) -ensign
  13. need more seeders!! i got to like 20% done, but now no more..... please ppl =) thanks, ensign
  14. ensign


    Hey, has anyone listened to Moby's new album Hotel? It's a double CD release, and the 2nd disc is an ambient mix. I've yet to check it out, but wondered if you all have had a go at it. -ensign
  15. holy shit, all of those in one compilation? i will be in heaven. -ensign
  16. asura, the best advice w\ regards to cinos is to ignore =) and what are your favorite ambient moments? as in, parts of tracks that you adore, that define ambience for you? btw, i'm glad your track lost eden was brought into the discussion, because i hadn't heard your music before.... rock on, it's excellent. and i'll have to agree that i like your more subtle use of the sample way more than the "insert here" aspect of tea daze. and remember, ignorant - ant + e = ignore. so step on some ants and take some e, and it'll all be good =) -ensign
  17. oh, and Cogumelo, i loved that movie (man on fire)... vigilante movies kick ass, and denzel washington in such a gritty movie/plot was fantastic. was one of the few times with him that i didn't feel he was typecast into some default role. anyone for an exploding ass-bomb? if only we could send Denzel after those Chinese Fur Farm ppl... I'd shell out $100 to see that on pay-per-view. fuckers...ugh. (if you have no idea what im talking about, search around the off-topic) -ensign
  18. hey, my bad, Rain... you did for the most part tell which moments you liked. was just my lazy ass looking for minute markers in the posts =) -ensign
  19. it's not psy trance, but speaking of rave scenes... i love the vanilla sky scene with underworld - rez in it. great movie. -ensign (the reason i like the scene is b\c of his downward spiral in it...) oh... and i like the aspirin/E switch scene in "Go"... a quality movie too, even if the drug scene w\ the dude is a bit exaggerated
  20. heheh nice =) you see that the movie is coming soon? wonder if it'll be any good... -ensign
  21. yeah, but the title of the topic is moments. you don't consider a track a "moment" do you? (regardless of what the 1st post actually said) and who are you...yoda? "pure bliss they are" -ensign
  22. nice... thanks delusional. i'm glad someone besides me actually told WHERE in the song the moment was located. you would think that a topic entitled "ambient moments" would be about MOMENTS and not entire songs/albums. there are countless topics/posts about favorite ambient artists/songs, but the actual place in the song that you think is awesome... now that is worth hearing (and fresh) -ensign
  23. here's the thing though. there will be no "constructive" outcome from a topic regarding "useless posts". the people that actually post something worth reading will continue to post shit worth reading (with occasional "useless" posts by your definition), while the people that post shit like "yeah, sweet!" or whatever useless interjection, they will continue to do so, like it or not. the people that GET INVOLVED in this discussion are the ones already making the valuable postings... so it's kind of pointless anyway. i was really just joking about the fascism thing... and i really do agree that I wish that ppl would stop posting crap. anyway, by "ignore" the crappy posts, i mean ignore the crappy posters. kind of like a 3 strikes and you're out policy =) and not like while you are scrolling down over posts, you can't simply just see that some idiot layed down a useless one-liner. i just don't think you'll be able to get those ppl to change their annoying ways, agreement or not. -ensign
  24. WOW! Okay, i don't usually make fun of other people's "ENGRISH", but what in the FUCK are you asking/stating/talking about? Did I catch a "niner" in there? Are you on a walkie-talkie? -ensign
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