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  1. Hi, thanks for your advices. Genneraly, you mean that the output of one channel in Fl studio is in the same quality e.c. Cubase? But when you mixup more channels the output is muddy, yes? And, which Audio monitors are you suppose to be good for Psytrance? Which known producers are making on Fl studio. Can you give me any contacts? Thanx
  2. Hi I think the best way is using the generators for producing. When you want to use samples you only need to use good sampler with good possibilities like Motu Mach Five or NI Intakt or use hardware samplers.
  3. Hi all, I am producing a trance music a few years but now I am trying to do psytrance music. I am doing in flstudio. Now I get FL studio 5. I'm trying to do some psytracks in this software but the sound is not like the profesional tracks I am heared. I am using lot of vsti and equaling but I can not do this quality. Is it possible to do final mix in flstudio? Thanx
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