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  1. I plan to buy me a sherman filterbank2 as external tweaking unit.... has anyone experience with it? thnx for a feedback
  2. I usually use Moog Modular V or Mercury or Sounds of my Supernova oder MAM MB33Mk2(i love this one though)
  3. I like this Album alot.....Filteria's Sense for Melodies and the sawy Leads make this almost perfect.....whend going through the hole Album the almost equally sounding leads at each track may become a bit boring... but nevertheless a fantastic peace of work
  4. www.sx-tutorials.de only german but some aweful tutorials especially for SX Beginners...... helped me a lot in my early SX times....:-)
  5. thank you ver y very much.. this gave me a good Idea of how to produce this kind of sounds.. I also found a method using a stab pad (layered Saws) and then let the output go throug the filterbank of my MAM..... but your method sounds much cooler ( the snippets I heared..).. i try this with my Supernova oder the An1x and post you the snippet here if i succeeded :-) thnx a lot
  6. nope I had a 303 (i hate it).... but the FM Syncs sound quite the way i meant it.. waht do you use as synch source also a saw? thnx a lot for the help!
  7. öööhm if you don't know how to do this...I think it will be a bit difficult to set up anything like this either...
  8. Yes it is...but it needs som rewiring.. Plug the Hardware Synths directly to the Mixer and then you take the Channel's Insertways to the Inputs resp. outputs of your PC...... for this you need Insertcables with a StereoJack to 2xMono Jack config.. in cubase you make an audiochannel with the appropriate inputchannel as in source and the appropriate out channel as outsource... thats it.... if you are buying a patchbay you are even more flexible because you can mix different combinations so that you can create freaky FX-Ways...... but be shure your CPU is strong enough to deal with realtime signal modding..
  9. I already do..I use a Zoom1204 or a Sherman Filterbank,,and for really weird Fx I take a Boss SD2 Guitardistortion.. but this one sound so many Goa tracks use I'm not able to produce
  10. Hi everyone... I am pretty new in doing Goa/Psytrance but I really would like to get further on also in this Style (actually I a m doing some sort of EBM or Future pop)...Bassline and Kick seems pretty clear how to do...FX also, but i absolutely don't get how this "classical" Goa Sound (sounds like distorted filtersweep) is done.... i tried Stepfilter on Stab sounds but this wasn't what I looked for.....can anyone help? I use as hardware Synths: Novation Supernova Novation Bassstation Korg 01/w Korg N5 Yamaha An1X Roland JV 1010 MAM MB33 Mk2 Juno Alpha 2 and as Plugins: RefX Vanguard Z3ta+ V-Station Moog Modular Absynth 2.0 and 3.0 Athmosphere Stylus Groove Agent as Sequencer I use Cubase SX 2.2 with Waves Plugins
  11. a problem that is often underestimated when basses tend to sound "dirty" is that the velocity-values are too high.... supernova oder my MAM-MB33(i looove it ) produce this effect @ velocity values > 100...
  12. hmmm to be honest I do not really appreciate the V-Station....for me all the Sounds sound terribly analog (not to be meant in a positive Way)... i prefer Bass-Station oder Supernova....
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