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  1. I just can't seem to finish anything, always starting new projects before I'm even half-way on another. Oh well Here's my latest tune that I'd like to call progressive full on : Xiphiaz - Imidiman As the feedbackoholic I am I'd really appreciate any feedback Thanks!
  2. Hi there (: Don't know to much about vst's =/ but at least I know a good kick: psy_kick.wav (hope you don't mind me posting this before you cybernetika ) and there's also a thread somewhere here on psynews about precussion and such. search for it and you shall find many great samples!
  3. I'm currently using reason 2.5, but I'm actually saving up to buy 3.0 =)
  4. Okey, so here's one of the updates (: I've changed the bassline here and there (nothing big), changed the arrangment (mostly the intro) and added a new melody (actually a couple of melodies but I'm not giving away them all now and new sounds Anyway, tell me what you think Xiphiaz - Chi cha Thanks
  5. I have an intel P4 3,2Ghz (: it works just fine for me. It's just a matter of economy
  6. I've been thinking of buying one, because I have problems with latency. But I'm not sure it's all about the soundcard though..
  7. Chicane - No ordinary morning :(
  8. Thanks for all of your replies I really get inspired from all this positive feedback! I'm going to add a flute (shpongly), some more variation with the pads, some more melodies. I've also thought about what was said about a more full on bassline and I think I'll wait with that for now New update coming soon! Thanks a lot!
  9. Awesome tune! (: The first hardcore guitarmelody reminds me of eskimo a bit And I'm loving the melody that comes in about 1:06 and continues to 2:00, awesome! Great work!
  10. Hi! =) So I began to experiment a bit as usual in reason a couple of hours ago and I came up with this, not finished of course, but I just couldn't wait for some feedback becuase I'm stuck right now (: Xiphiaz - Chi Cha Feel free to listen and please give feedback, tell what would fit in and such. Thanks!
  11. Protoculture - High orbit Protoculture - Melody machine Protocutlure - New/more directions Space buddha - Time travelling Astrix - Scientific reality Talamasca - Speaking robot (GMS rmx) Alien project - Midnight sun (GMS rmx) Astrix - The fourth revelation (though a bit mixed tempos) Prosper - Synaesthesia And btw, the ultra-copier "pop stream" has made a couple of fun tracks (: pop stream - culture units pop stream - jet browser pop stream - into orbit (this is disturbingly like IM's "song pong")
  12. Baah! that's the same american crap we've seen over and over again
  13. Try anything with Jean claude van damn you won't be disappointed!
  14. Well, it was cheap. And I collect movies too, so I don't mind
  15. DVD: * The star wars trilogybox * The guru * Cubic (Equilibrium, one of the best movies I've ever seen. If you haven't, see it!) * The Hipp Hipp box (Swedish humor) * The ring 0 * Phone * The Eye * XxX (Triple X gotta have some pointless action) * Matrix * Matrix reloaded (gonna return them anyway, why didn't i buy the box? ) * Alien vs Predator 3xtr3m3 edition * A night at the roxbury That's it for now, but I'm going to order all the seasons of Oz from http://www.dvdboxoffice.com/ soon. God I love that show..
  16. Baah! you'd have to get a microphone for that, it's much more convenient to download em'
  17. Just wondering if you guys know of any good sites that holds good voice/quote samples (*.wav, *.aiff etc). And please don't come with www.moviewavs.com and the likes of that thanks!
  18. Aye But then you'd have to have some basic knowledge of cubase (cause that's what you'd wanna use), which I do not. And besides, it drains your CPU like a bitch! So I think I'll just switch to cubase instead in that case
  19. I'm currently working in reason 2.5 only, but I plan to move on to cubase in a near future. But it seems to damn hard and I've quite mastered reason I think, so it feels hard to start over again (: And as for my pads, synths etc.. I don't know if you're familiar with reason, but it has a system of refills, as they are called, that contain different samples (*.wav, *.aif and so on). And then they're all yours to tweak and etc in the reason software-synths. But it has no compability with VSTs though =/ And that's why I'm planning to move on to cubase, plus reason has latency issues with keyboards, even when I have a decent soundcard. But as an answer for your question, it's all reason and creativity!
  20. Thanks matey I've updated the song a bit: Xiphiaz - Ye olde Just some minor arrangement- and mastering changes. And a slightly altered bassline.
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