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  1. Thank you for your reply, sorry you feel that way =/ maybe I lost my touch after all..
  2. Hello there! Just got back from Ozora festival a few days ago with lots of new impressions and inspiration, so after a long time without any new stuff I've managed to scrap something together yesterday. Xiphiaz - Psychosis Length (so far): 4:36 Bitrate: 192 kbps Size: 6.3 MB Feel free to listen and give feedback! Enjoy (hopefully)!
  3. I'm going aswell, travelling with 6 friends in an RV! We're departing on the 9th and should arrive sometime on the 10th. See you there (:
  4. Hello everyone! A bit infected-inspired at some points I guess (a friend told me a few parts in the beginning sounds like infected, I have noo idea what he means ) Xiphiaz - The nun and the hatchet This is as far as I've come for now, please feel free to listen and comment. Any feedback would be appreciated Cheers!
  5. Any feedback at all would be appreciated, even if it's a complete bashing. (:
  6. Hey everyone! Haven't really been active here for a couple of years, and recently came to think of this forum and thought I'd post one of my current tracks in progress. So here it is, just a sample as for now: Sample length: 2:42 Bitrate: 256 kbit/s http://nyhetsnytt.se/xiph/xiphiaz%20-%20in...0-%20sample.mp3 It's still a work in progress, and I've changed bits and pieces frequently over the last week, and there's still much work to be done. And I's been quite a while since I did anything at all really, so I thought I could use some feedback (: Feel free to comment, much appreciated! (:
  7. Exactly my thoughts! Where did ticon go? =/ Although I like "In the box" and "We're shining", but the rest is so-so.
  8. Wow, thanks Lu Bu (: This is the kind of feedback I want, and I got pretty inspired to work more on it aswell, and so I will. I'm usually a bit sloppy with my tracks, I make one melody, loop it, add some breaks and then it's done, mostly because when I create something that I think is pretty cool, I'm very eager to get feedback on it. And that halts the production quite a lot. But then again, sometimes you feel you're done with the track, and you get feedback like this that makes you think twice (: I'm going to spend a lot more time on this one! Thanks again!
  9. Thanks strydr, and it would be cool with some mastering (: And btw, I think I'm done with a beta-finished version of the track: The new part is from 7:00 and forth. Length: 10:19 Size: 24 Mb Bitrate: 320 Xiphiaz - you are God Size: 14.1 Mb Bitrate: 192 Xiphiaz - you are God Tell me what you think (: Thanks!
  10. Wow thanks I really, really appreciate it! Really glad you liked it, as I'm quite fond of it myself
  11. Thanks mate glad you enjoyed it! I've posted it here before, about two years ago I think, but it was a bit unmastered and such so I thought why not give it some tuning (:
  12. Found this dusty ol' tune lying around in a folder and I thought why not give it a shine! I've basicly just mastered it so it sounds a bit more clear than before, or so I think at least (: But it's definitely my best tune ever, so I wanted it to sound good. Well here it is: Size: 19.9mb Length: 8:43 Xiphiaz - Big moves Hope you enjoy it =)
  13. hi men I like youre music alot but there is one thing you made reason bassline please told who I cant made a very good bassline in reason please help me my email arnaldo_5@hotmail.com yo said that you can made a tutorial please made and send me the rsn thankss

  14. Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone (: I really appreciate it, and I'm working on the final version now. Cheers!
  15. Alright (: I'll try to have it done by tomorrow!
  16. Hey frosty, here's a sample of a bassline in my latest song with reason: An example I personally think it sounds pretty good, and you _can_ get good sound out of reason. So if you like it I can make a little tutorial for you (:
  17. Thanks Malevol (: Yeah, I made it in about 4 hours last night, and I spent a couple of hours tuning and such this morning. So nothing is final, the arrangment can be a lot better, and I think I have to include another melody too (: So as I said, it's not finished yet, it will be longer! Around 10 mins I'd say. Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated! =)
  18. Hey everyone, I'm back again with another track in progress (; Just like it's supposed to be! This one's like my others, melodic, atmospheric and fullony. Started about four hours ago and this is what I've got, with the help of a couple of beers. Edit: btw, I love legato. (: Length: 10:19 Size: 24 Mb Bitrate: 320 Xiphiaz - you are God Size: 14.1 Mb Bitrate: 192 Xiphiaz - you are God Feedback would be much appreciated, more than usual since I've been idle for so long Thanks!
  19. Hey guys! Last night I had absolutely nothing to do due to sleeping issues because of my job. So I watched happy feet, and I was inspired by the stomping sounds and musical acts it had (: Really cool. So I wanted to do something new, and I came up with this. It's basicly nothing like anything I've done before I think. I think it feels a little, as said, semi-ambient and something else that I can't really figure out. Well, have a listen if you want! Size: 7.8Mb Length: 5.38 (I've come as far as 4:30, then I haven't done anything more yet) Xiphiaz - Euphoric existence Feedback appreciated as usual, thanks!
  20. Wow awesome stuff, you've really come a long way! I especially like Medical/Science Complex and First Contact, reeeally nice tunes, full of energy. Very well done!
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