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  1. Nice track, I like the atmosphere. But it feels a little tight/light, despite of all the sounds. I'd raise the bassdrum quite a bit, and as for the bassline, I'd keep the melody you use in the intro, but then whack in a break and change it, that's really effectful (: also raise the percussion and spread them, and maybe raise the lower frequencies on the bass too (: Maybe a pad would fit in there too. Good luck!
  2. Hmm, seems like the server is down =/ sorry about that, but it's not really in my hands. It's a friend of mine that hosts ): I'll tell him though! (: Until then Shaft was kind enough to upload it aswell: http://s12.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3DNA32Z...Y31HXHUPH57N0VT Thanks Shaft (: Thanks man really appreciate it, I think i've found my style really enjoy doing stuff like this too. and the sample from "camel ion", I can't remember where it's from =/ I'll try to find out (:
  3. Thanks man (: No I did not, didn't think that one was very good =/ Oh yeah (: Protoculture is one of my favourites, he's a genius I use reason 3 with a M-audio radium61 keyborad
  4. Thanks alot (: Really appreciate it. As for getting anything put out by a label.. yeah I'd love that (: But how? Don't now where to start, or where to look. Also made a middle part of the tune: http://rexz.monoworld.ath.cx/music/xiphiaz%20-%20keeh2.mp3 Hope you enjoy it (:
  5. Wow! This sounds soo clean, very well done! (:
  6. Oh Try now then (: Been having some trouble with the server
  7. Hi there (: Here again with another tune in progress, feel free to listen and such! http://rexz.monoworld.ath.cx/music/xiphiaz%20-%20keeh.mp3 Feedback appreciated (: Thanks
  8. So, I'd like to make house (: although I have no feeling for it at all, I still want to, becuase I love it (: My goal is to make a track that will be played at a nightclub sometime, here in malmö. Xiphiaz - Tseeh Enjoy, maybe
  9. Dude, this is awesome (: Don't really have anything else to say but that (;
  10. Very nice (: I really dig the bassline. Nice production!
  11. Hey everyone! Here's another song I recently made for a girl (: A bit chillout. Xiphiaz - Thoughts of you Hope you enjoy it!
  12. I'm sorry, what was the topic about?
  13. They actually were from the start, but then I lowered the bassline a couple of semitones, but I still thought that the sweeps sounded pretty cool =) But I'll try them in tune as well
  14. Hmm, am I the only one that think those sweeping sounds are cool? (: I'll review them with my speakers today. Thanks for the comments =)
  15. Hello again (: Been a while since my last track now I think This is my latest work (in progress of course, just started today), but with new software. This is made with ableton live 5 (: Since I've changed software I thought I might aswell change my alias, which I did, I will now call myself "the author" Please listen and feel free to give feedback =) The Author - Aurora Thanks!
  16. I suggest you move straight to ableton live 5, it's the best there is IMO.
  17. I love it, it's so easy to learn! I started using it yesterday and I already know the basics
  18. I must say that I COMPLETELY LOVE refx vanguard and sampletank XL2. Oh my god, the power!
  19. The time has come for me to take it to the next step, I'm moving on to cubase (: Wish me good luck, the next track will be cubased.
  20. Thanks m8 (: I'm not really sure about the "oh yeah" either (kinda breaks off from the other samples), but it's a bit of an experimental tune after all (: progress is king, and nothing sounds like it did when you began with it, right?
  21. Infected Mushroom - Song pong -> Pop stream - Into orbit = basicly the same song
  22. Very cool! Feels like it should be a bit more driving though, with lots of percussion and crazy stuff (: I love the atmosphere though, I would love to do a remix
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