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  1. on10: I sense much anger in him... like his father, Basilisk. on10: Beware of the dark side my young one. Jealousy, anger, flaming, ; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in posting. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will. Penzoline: on10... Is the dark side stronger? on10: No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive, but always weaker and envious of the light side. Penzoline: But how am I to know the good side from the bad? on10: You will know... when one is calm, at peace, passiv
  2. I wonder why? Maybe they also thought it wasn't worth releasing.
  3. Well my MAIN concerns are actually this: 1. There should be no CD2, since the unreleased tracks not good. 2. If there was a CD2, it should contain the 3 bonus unreleased tracks as well rather than 3 remastered well available tracks. And you know already that I think re-releasing music is lame, not so important whether it was on vinyls or CDs originally. So it's clear why I would speak negatively about this release.
  4. The only beatless ambient I've ever enjoyed was the stuff made by Moksha, who later made goa trance. They have a ton of variation in their ambient music and most of it very beautiful and unique. For more like chillout ambient, I really enjoyed: Darshan Ambient - Autumn's Apple woob - woob1194 (the second woob album is crap btw) Genuine - Nu Ambient Grooves Synaesthesia I haven't heard very much ambient, but most of them I found boring and forgettable.
  5. Nice catch with that melody. I still like the CS track regardless but it's a bit fishy.
  6. I'm not here to learn, I'm here to teach. OK, jokes aside, what's wrong with my claim? Why shouldn't I know that? I'm not old and I'm nowhere near done learning but I already see a large number of convictions beneath me.
  7. Biggest Criminals: etnica, sampling without permission in Intense Visitation.
  8. on10


    I just watched Eyes Wide Shut and now this picture makes me think of some sex cult.
  9. Oh yea? I'm only making obvious troll posts since I know I'm gonna get banned anyways. There's actually not any reason why I should always get banned in the first place, and mars already knows I'll just make a new account whenever I want to, but he'll ban me anyways as soon as he finds out my identity lol. By the way I want to tell you something. My username on10 is a play on on9 which means stupid, so it's only fitting that I should act stupid at times while clearly I am very witty.
  10. I agree with frozen dream on this being a rather mediocre release and hardly an essential. The 3 goa tracks here, also by far the best tracks here, are already well released and well known. They are not necessary on this release at all, it's more like filler to have them here yet again, remastered or not (the old mastering was NOT bad...). Most of the tracks are more like classic trance which is fine since I still like that style. Most of CD1 is actually very good, only track 8, Hemo Static+Overbloody Flood, is extremely crappy and noisy hard trance and requires being skipped over. Unf
  11. We could swap lossless rips if you like.
  12. Elysium for Orion and Zodiac Youth remixes? Man With No Name for Storm, Zodiac Youth, and many others (but they aren't all good..).
  13. I'm curious what you think makes one spiritual. Also, do you think you understand the world? Because I never made that claim but I'm curious if you would.
  14. I didn't care for this at all. The C.J. Catalizer album was 10x better and the Chronos album was 100x better. Something tells me the OP is here to promote it for reasons other than it being genuinely good music. Note also that all the people who rated it 5/5 on discogs so far are uses I've never heard of before.
  15. Well I try to think of health in a broader scope than just physical health. Anyways I think I may have been wrong anyways... I wonder how strong the link is between psytrance listening and fast food eating.
  16. I've been a Christian. And a Buddhist for a much shorter time frame=. I understand both religions and why they existed, for what purpose, and why I don't want to be a part of either of them. I've also been an atheist for an even shorter amount of time. I understand science, I even get my bachelors in it very soon. I understand society and why democracy is a joke and why it came about. I understand what morality is, what truth is, etc. I've gone to the depths of nihilism. I may ascend out of it alive, we'll see. It's hard living in a world that one views as a joke and surrounded by vastly in
  17. Why did people like goa trance music? And do people like psytrance for the same reason? If the answer is to dance to, then maybe. If the answer is because of their spirituality (something related to intelligence and consciousness) and finding popular music superficial, then maybe not.
  18. This is a joke, one must only look at your "essentials" list and the type of music you release and promote to see that you are not truly very passionate about the old school style at all. Greater movement eh? Just like the greater movement of people at rock parties, and people who follow the latest celebrity news, and people who sit in taverns every day drinking? Wake up: this is no cultural movement. These are just ordinary people living ordinary lives (quite often in the lowest echelons of society) who are using music to console themselves. I'm not denying that there might have been a
  19. Let's just say that from my perspective to yours is somewhat like from your perspective to that of an avid Christian. I have experienced all of these perspectives, you've probably only experienced your own and perhaps that of an avid religious person. I hope you can understand my analogy and admit that there can be things you don't understand.
  20. They have the right to some privacy but obviously they are choosing not to exercise it. Does this make you angry? Does the attention that others give them make you angry?
  21. Oh, so you're only jealous of the attention but not the girl....
  22. At least people eating fast food usually do so to save time in their busy schedule. Listening to psytrance is like a drug. It's an activity that thousands of lowlifes around the world participate in in place of accomplishing something useful.
  23. Maybe you misunderstood me? In fact I am calling out Basilisk on these exact grounds: he praises this modern music and thinks older goa trance sucks. He is the one that is assessing the music in terms of dance and culture. My comment that the last 2 didn't fit in was in regards to the modern psy scene and the unlistenable drivel that he so loves. From my understanding most of the scene today doesn't get this any more (= they are not spiritual people). I am a very spiritual person, and hence detest this scene and the modern psytrance music that it forms around.
  24. Any music can be danced too. The fact that people started calling it "electronic dance music" doesn't make it any more dancing or less non-dancing music. I don't see what the last 2 (probing the human psyche and toying with the secrets of the universe) have to do with it. In fact those are more spiritual activities that may have existed previously in the culture of hippies and goa trance, but hardly exist nowadays in modern psytrance parties, which are mostly devoid of spirituality and closer to rock concerts. Actually the fact that this music has a high BPM and most people dance t
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