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  1. Label: Sonic Chakras Records Catalog №: SCHAKRAS007 Format: Digital release Country: Russia Released: 01.04.2015 Style: Psychedelic Deep Forest Trance Artwork By: Griboz Mastered By: 604fx 01 Propagul & Gnohm - Warm Moss 02 Propagul & Jangaramongara - Perforation 03 Propagul - Swamped (Kerlivin RMX) 04 Propagul & Griboz - Miraculous Didgeridoo Turn on, tune in and drop out, fellows! Good news incoming!! Sonic Chakras team is glad to announce second digital free release in our spicy sound forms menu! Here it comes - fresh'n'fat EP "Warm Moss", from rising russian psychedelic duo Propagul. Prepare for 4 outstanding tracks, that will lead u to interdemensional travel! Have a nice time!) Free download here! http://www.sonicchakras.ru
  2. Title: Head Bloom Artist: V/A Format: CD/Digipack Cat. Nr.: SCHAKRAS005 Mastered by: Onkel Dunkel Artwork by: Already Maged Release Date: October 2014 Distribution: http://www.Beatspace.com So...., Sonic Chakras happy to welcome you in magical world of sound flowering where tunes are growing on exclusive feeding solution mixed by skilled knob tweakers! Feel the fragrance of each variety... inhale each soundform. Our proven specialists Meto Magic Seeds and Boris 604fx has carefully selected each blend, its took a long time, but we can be sure that we deliver first class HeadBloomer! Its known fact that drying and curing is very important, so we ask to help us truly master, with years of expirience Monno Onkel Dunkel. 100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY 100% MONEY BACK IF YOUR HEAD DIDNT START BLOOMING GMO FREE VEGAN FRIENDLY PURE ACID KEEP IT PSYCHEDELIC!!! and HORN PLEASE!!! 1. ANNOYINGNINJAS - Kamelta 2. PAPIYAN - Charlie Sheen 3. JAHBO & RED EYE JEDI - Ond Onsdag 4. ZOOLOG - Epidemic 5. GNOHM & 604FX - KushKush (Sort Messe Remix by Lisbent) 6. 604 MAGIC SEEDS - Swallow It part 1 7. GNOHM - Open Cluster 8. MADIANBRAINS - Peak Signal 9. KNOCKNOCK - Bestia Foris 10. ALREADY MAGED - Komarchiki Demos here Have a nice time!) www.sonicchakras.ru
  3. Glad to see your nice words) We making it for you!)
  4. Label: Sonic Chakras Records Catalog №: SCHAKRAS005 Format: Digital Country: Russia Released: 17.12.2013 Style: Psychedelic Deep Forest Trance Artwork By: Already Maged Mastered By: Transdriver 1. UnrealeazZ and Molchun - Kuku 2. Molchun - K retiniens 3. Molchun - Donaldaska Once again Sonic Chakras brings u some fresh earpleasure from young'n'talended artist from Russia - Molchun, with his EP 'Habitat Spaces'. Deep'n'organic with fat basslines, it will lead u to Habitat Spaces. Welcome'n'have a nice trip! Free download Label's Website
  5. Title: Sonic Visions Artist: V/A Format: CD/Digipack Cat. Nr.: RVMSCCD001 Mastered by: http://www.sonoa.de Artwork by: Kelt Release Date: July 2012 Distribution: http://www.Beatspace.com Compiled by Real Vision Music & Sonic Chakras Records Sonic Chakras Records and Real Vision Music pool their forces creating a journey in order to open minds. With the aim not just to fall in trance on the floor this assembly has the purpose to open concioussness while lean back and drift away. It was diligently taken care of a comprehensible sequence to assert that this voyage will be a pleasant one. This brew of extraordinary ingredients guarantees a trip through the sonic atmospheres of a visionary world of peace and dance. Music has the power to move elements and give inspirationto every civilisation. So we called our support to the worldwide subculture we are living in "Sonic Visions" to express what we love so much. Have a nice time! 01. Cuckoo's Nest - Konspirationsterapi w&p by Tommy Jensen & Bo Gosmer / Denmark 02. Gnohm vs Theo - Jeg Skal Sku IKKE Til Sverige! w&p by Kalle Christensen Tim Theo Kongelys / Denmark 03. Captain Kirk - Approaching Menace w&p by Kir Ylle / Finland 04. Time For Slime – Birdman w&p by Jonathan Kallio & Pelle Nyman / Sweden 05. Harvesters - Shkaff w&p by Boris Alexandrov & Meto Kocev / Russia 06. Makadam - New Clear Kids From The Block w&p by Daniel Jansson / Sweden 07. Goch - Curled Structures w&p by Vladimir Gochkov / Macedonia 08. Attoya – KnoRR w&p by Alex & Leonid Burshtein / Israel 09. M3dra – Pure High w&p by Fabian Helmchen / Germany 10. Already Maged - Six Hundred And Four Effects Inside w&p by Egor Yudin / Ukraine Samples will follow soon Kind Regards from Hamburg & Moscow http://www.sonicchakras.ru http://www.realvisionmusic.com
  6. Little present from Already Maged to all psy music lovers ) http://www.sonicchakras.ru/index.php/releases/item/86-already-maged-feather-samples
  7. Goooood news) Attoya second album, Sonic Chakras 4th CD - Attoya - Wooden Beats - In stock now!)) http://beatspace.com/6912/Sonic+Chakras+Records/ATTOYA/Wooden+Beatz/detail.aspx
  8. Label: Sonic Chakras Records Catalog №: SCHAKRAS004 Format: CD,Digipak Country: Russia Released: 2012 Style: Psychedelic Deep Forest Trance Artwork By: Already Maged Mastered By: Kindzadza Distributer: Beatspace 1.High Jump 2.Voodoo Visions 3.Touch 4.Out From The Square Room 5.Juggernauts 6.Forgotten Notes 7.Point 8.Wooden Beats 9.Kokon 10.A Momentary Lapse of Reason Sonic Chakras glad to share good news again! After 2 years of silence Attoya back again and finishing work in secret underground sound research laboratory. They have just synthesized some new sonic lifeform... Long awaited second album from Attoya "Wooden Beatz" coming very soon! Deep psychedelic atmospheres and recognizeble basslines and leads will hypnotise you and bring to wooden place fullfilled with unheard beatz and soundz, unseen wonderz, and untold mysticall expirience of magic forest. Musthave masterpiece for forest psychedelic lovers! Have a nice time..) Listen Demos Label's Website
  9. We have very good news! Our VA - Crystal Chakras is ready!) Now, you can order the CD from our distributors: Beatspace GoaStore PsyShop Arabesque SaikoSounds www.sonicchakras.ru Have a nice time, guys!)
  10. Label: Sonic Chakras Records Catalog №: SCHAKRAS003 Format: CD,Digipak Country: Russia Released: 2011 Style: Psychedelic Deep Forest Trance Artwork By: Ras Kelt Mastered By: Meto Magic Seeds Distributer: Beatspace 1. Distorted Goblin - False Awakening 2. Shivattva - Indian Spices 3. Chemical Abstract - Pangea 4. Magic Seeds - String Chakra 5. BioSynthesis - Madness of the Cubeness 6. Fractal Error - Synthetic Mass 7. Gu – Neo Paradise 8. Saikozaurus – Ahimsa 9. Megalith - Sonic Healthcare 10. Already Maged - Aboregenius Sonic Chakras Records is proud to present their next compilation called "Crystal Chakras". This compilation is the result of combining the two cohesive forces "Sonic Chakras" and "Crystal Power". This is a journey, passing through which you can feel the whole spectrum of deep psychedelic experiences and join and the atmosphere of crystal light that fills your mind. We present you new forest vibration of projects across the planet Earth, have a nice time! Listen Demos Label's Website
  11. We have very good news! Already Maged debut album is ready and will be released next week. Now, you can pre-order the album from our distributors: BeatSpace. GoaStore PsyShop Arabesque SaikoSounds
  12. Label: Sonic Chakras Records Catalog №: SCHAKRAS002 Format: CD,Digipak Country: Russia Released: 2011 Style: Psychedelic Deep Forest Trance Artwork By: Already Maged Mastered By: Kindzadza Distributer: Beatspace 1. Myst Amethyst 2. Manera PoGo 3. Crypt Cryptogamae 4. Fat from Moss 5. Texture could create its own narrative 6. Reversed Octograms 7. Twin Thoughts 8. Roza Vetrow 9. Last Wyvern Dance Finally, you have a long-awaited possibility to experience unique material. The second release of Sonic Chakras Records, debut album by Already Maged "Liber Scientia". Come and enter into a nine part ritual of this magic voyage to learn the free doctrine. Preview
  13. Good news, everyone! Now, you can PreOrder "Danse Macabre" compilation on BeatSpace. Release day will be in 7th of September, so check ours distributors web sites: GoaStore PsyShop Arabesque BeatSpace
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