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  1. Awesome news! One of my favorite goa artists. Just madness tunes!
  2. Nice sound. Very creative, stylish nitzhogoa! Newschool goa trance as its should be! Really. One of the strongest goa release of last year.
  3. Carefully selected tracks, the great names from goa trance scene - both this factors makes this release a must have for all goalovers.
  4. Awesome news! I can hear AB-storytelling, melodic style from the first seconds.
  5. For example his "Guardian Of The Gate" is one of my all-time favorite slow-goa tunes.
  6. Confirm that above. Sound is more brighter. However i like the sound of original album too. Sound is more edgy Both versions are good for any tastes of quality!
  7. Thank you for your great music which could be the one more reason to live ; )
  8. Ooooh, epic release. One day i saw how ppl asking in forum for this release but no one can get it. Very rare and should be re-released. But now even better. With bonuses! Hm. It looks like waterfall of gifts by Submoon
  9. What i can say for the 3-rd album?..Is definitely what i am waiting for it!
  10. Listening on repeat mode many times. So many layers and i feel the music embrace me. Waiting the full album!
  11. I let myself add to this something. I am the oldschool goa trance listener/collector already more than 15 years and all the way i payd attention to your music arts and have your all releases under all names. And not any time i dont though: "What the fuck? This guy should be crazy! For what purposes he brings so many aliases?" For the first of all. YES! The point in music firstly and mainly! Who cares about artists view and thoughs, even his life? ITS HIS WAY! ONLY HIS! Just listen his music or just go through! Yes, u can have your own opinion, but its not meaning what its the point in this context. Artist wants 25 aliases? Its his own view. Just enjoy his music. Or not. SIMPLE! Second. There are not so many aliases by Filipe i think according to his many years of work. Third. My opinion is what almost all his projects(besides before Submoon Records era) have had differences from each other. Not each person can catch it maybe. But i can hear. Thats why i collect all his releases also. All have own mixture of magic ingredients but in the result we have so unique poison goaish cocktail! And thats why some projects i likes more, some less and my favorite is Amithaba Buddha. All consists from something individual. For someones it can seems frenetic or similar, but tastes are differ. For me is the unique style-touch on different angles. So, ppl, enjoy the music and be thankfully for whom who still create something on this universal language called "music". In this case so magic and rare enough - goa. And so special goa. Like you or not just try to respect the author. Even if you much more like to discuss about personality of musician, then besides in the aspect of music that he creates respect each other and be constructive and thankfull for persons efforts. Peace!
  12. Yeah, i know. Great activeness, i just look and see how many awesome music were missed by me in this year. All Submoon releases Now i know what i will listening closest times, hehe ^__^ PS. Yepp, so true. Only you knows best for you ; ) Just let yourself be yourself inspite all the circumstances! Bom, bro.
  13. Same here, bro. Yea, i am. And i really will! Already visited this link and your all contact links. Im so glad you are back! Now you fill this BIG SPACE in my soul and in this unique style. Without you was really boring, bro ; ) Now im really thirsty for your fresh music and you are recieve my full support! Good luck and keep up the awesome work. PS. Haters gonna hate ; ) Dont stumble by someones bad opinion, just CONTINUE your own way! ; )
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