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  1. What is he doing now, i mean in terms of music.. as far as i know they said at Suntrip HQ that he wont be doing any goa at one point, and this sure seems to hold, since we havent seen a track from him from 2010 on wards, but i sincerely doubt that such a prolific musician could let it just go.. there have been a few in the past tho.. Jikkenteki comes to mind, but.. it should be seriously disconcerting that such talents are lost.. either to other genres or to music in general.. so, in any case, does anyone know what his music output has been of late and where i could find it, his contact maybe, if nothing else?
  2. What the hell is that at 4:00 mark?
  3. ..could u help me gather all of them here.. ( http://www.discogs.com/artist/Asura ) System Babel / Psytrance From Paris 02 (CD, Comp) / Green Energy Entertainment / 2003 Code Eternity / Code Eternity (CD, Album, Dig) / Ultimae Records / 2000 i know there is more on those promos (Asura, Others..) but i dont know where i could really get those discs so.. im mostly intrested in compilation tracks..
  4. Right, this is good for me, u have anything like this to recommend, any of this semi-melodic darkpsy..?
  5. Sound Pollution, Syb Unity Nettwerk, IN R Voice..
  6. Tromesa vs Krisb - Stereopian ? also Syb Unity Nettwerk - Tripperspaced
  7. Mike A, when will you release a full album for your Subra project? I think you are one of the best newschool producers.. every track is a mind blowing trip.. thanx for that, keep em coming..
  8. Yes, so.. whats with this one and when will it be available not just to the chosen ones? I think this approach isnt doing any favour to the whole goa revival scene. This is basically already a collectors item, and what will happen from this is that few people will cash alot of money from it and music wont be cherished and appreciated by as many and as much as it should be.
  9. I ve been waiting for my 11 CDs parcel (140 eur) from them for close to 3 weeks now.. I consider it lost by now since it never happened to me that a parcel would take so much time ecpecially from trader that is based so close to me.. I ve mailed them once, after 2 weeks, and all they did was confirm my address and said the package will arrive.. I ll wait for additional week but after that the game is pretty much over.. As far as i can gather there policy is "we decide for ourselves if we will refund or resend" So my question is how should i approach this so i will most likely get my refund or items shipped again.. Its my first time with psyshop and im clueless so any advice is very welcome.. thanx.
  10. Ok, well, here it is :drama: * Removed by Moderator *
  11. I have Fraud.. Would it be against forum rules if I d upload it somewhere and post link here? Does anyone know any free site I could host a 100 mb file on?
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