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Found 2 results

  1. Artist: PharaOm Title: Under The Sun of Goa Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2013 1 - Under The Sun Of Goa (149 BPM) 2 - Full Obsidian Eyes (145 BPM) 3 - Ispahan Garden (143 BPM) 4 - Shine Like Gold (146 BPM) 5 - Drums Of Babylon (feat. Nadasorion) (143 BPM) 6 - Sattva, Rajas, Tamans (148 BPM) 7 - Sopdet To Giza Travelers (77 BPM) 8 - Shiva's Cosmic Dance (149 BPM) 9 - Goa's Sun Will Shine Forever (148 BPM) Yeah, Canada in July is not what I thought it would be. Winter got you down? Well come in from the cold and saddle up your camel! If you like your goa trance with an ethnic slant Oswald has a shiny treat just for you. This is one long Temple of Doom menagerie. I'm talking voodoo priests that pull your heart out of your chest, ritual sacrifice, and chilled monkey brains for dinner. Sweltering heat with multi-appendaged deities that offer a gentle touch one minute and manufacture fire and brimstone the next. Real Old Testament type stuff. Melodies swarm and shimmer amidst the searing sun as chants float mysteriously on warm desert breezes. I'm searching for that damn Ark and no Asian stereotype will stop me. Nope, that honor goes to Google Maps! Man I hope they fix that software. That's it? That's your solution to the botched rollout? I'm not following that guy! There will be more twirling than a 5 year old's Christmas hula hoop. Except the closer. Hmmm...that sounds a little more Bollywood porn and less forgotten City of Mystery. Yeah I have a few Indian friends and they don't eat that. They like cheeseburgers. One did say she rode an ostrich once, so I guess we'll call it even. Beautiful work Oswald. Now will you hurry up and make some physical releases so I can throw some f*cking money at you? Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Dimensional Gateway 2 Label: Neogoa.tk Date: December, 2011 Part I: PharaOm & Leyra - Intro(spection) (137 BPM) Aerosis - Zen Hyperbabble (146 BPM) Cybernetika - Eclipsis [Cycle Mix] (151 BPM) Daimon - Edge Of Darkness (140 BPM) Psychowave - Pataxo Ayonat (147 BPM) Deimos - Funkscape 2.0 (140 BPM) Erot - Binary Perception (80 BPM) Part II: Screw Loose - Mentally Unfit (145 BPM) Cosmic Silence - Electric Manna (143 BPM) Nova Fractal - Reality Of Life (145 BPM) Radical Distortion - Goa Station (140 BPM) Trinodia - Lasers And Demons (142 BPM) BlackStarrFinale - Classic Attack (146 BPM) Mindsphere - Presence (107 BPM) So this is the end isn't it? Ahhh, Neogoa. It seems like only yesterday that you opened your virtual doors and became the one stop web portal for all things new school goa trance. Information about labels and artists as well as reviews of many different genres of psychedelic music. And it was a year ago that your first release Dimensional Gateway was offered for free download. And a new school goa trance net label was born. Label head Ivan Richpa worked his tail off to provide the best in goa trance for free. Sound quality was never a problem as Deimos did all the mastering and the visual aspect was beautifully done by Ivan as well. Alas, all good things must come to an end and the cost of delivering such high quality for free was the netlabel's doom. So it is with this swan song of over 8 months work that Ivan has chosen over 2 hours of high quality goa and psytrance along with printable cover artwork, high resolution wallpapers and posters. By the way, thanks for the shout out on the liner notes. Music on first part of compilation can be described as darker and more experimental goa, while second part focuses more on the melodic side. Intro(spection)- This is Oswald Pfeiffer who has been tearing it up lately. Some compilations like to come out guns a blazing but this is more of a smooth introduction to what you are about to hear. Is Leyra your new girlfriend? I get it, new chick, trying to impress her..."Hey baby would you like to be in my next track? Yeah, yeah, just speak into this microphone." This her? E-mantra knows what I'm talkin' bout... This one is smooth and non threatening, inviting you to come inside. Gateway ain't gonna hurt you...just another word for entrance. Don't be scurred. Nope, I didn't misspell that, but it would help if you spoke a little jive. Very futuristic ambient opening with colored light flashes and oscillating synths. The beat churns at a moderate pace with wobbly bass as he filters the crap out of it. Layers echo with reverb and this got better and better each time I listened to it. Zen Hyperbabble- Haven't heard from this project in a while and and this is just Bobby Ognyanov without Jeremy. Hope all is well in paradise. The futuristic theme is continued as he is guiding you through the Gateway with measured ease so you don't freak the f*ck out. Lots of bubbling with wobbly bass sounds as eerie pads hum lightly in the background. Sh*t did it just get colder in here? Different from what you would expect from this project, as it crawls while not attacking. The layers blend nicely building something special with hallucinatory sounds that echo. This is wet with atmosphere, almost like forest goa. Another great grower. Eclipsis (cycle mix)- Lars Goossens is a one man hit-making machine with quality releases like Colossus, The Scythe of Orion, and Atropos just to name a few. And he gives it away for free. He tackles every style (except psy-polka...still waiting.) and does it well. But 12 minutes? n*gga is you crazy? Crazy like a fox apparently. You are already through the Gateway so you might as well buckle down. This track reinvents itself several times. No longer holding your hand, Lars presents a track that swirls around you, spinning you until you have lost your sense of direction. Oh-oh...somebody is lost. All part of the plan with piano tinklings and a break with dnb evilness. One thing I didn't like was the transition at the 7 minute mark. It seemed spliced in there like it didn't belong. Felt that could've been smoother. The final melody swayed as if swung on a rope, but it just didn't hit me. Good, but not great. It's my fault really. I see Cybernetika on a goa compilation and I'm expecting Plasmoid every time. Edge of Darkness- Antares did a good job with his debut Exodus and if we were still in the beginning phases of the compilation you might get some light and friendly melodies. But we are now 4 tracks in and you get his darker alter ego Daimon. Catch his track on Temple of Chaos? Brutally good. All pretense of kindness evaporates as he darkens things up with some sharp leads. Can't see as well in the dark so maybe that's why you didn't see that punch to the face coming. An evil screeching lead mocks you as you try to pick up what's left of your teeth. Listen to him...he's laughing at you. Not in Kansas anymore sweetcheeks. After the previous tracks got you through the doorway, he just slammed the motherf*cker shut. Pataxo Ayonat- Natan Bueno had a great EP called Sunshine Reborn where he flexed his goa muscles. Don't know what the title means and the sample is Portuguese to me. It's pretty straight forward with an odd chant at the break. Not a lot here and to be honest, he's done better than this. Funkscape 2.0- Deimos aka Igor Čeranić aka Perfect Blind funnels in a progressive groove with washes and a funky step. It's a remix of his track on the Entities compilation and it sounds fresher with more funk and effects. Really like the percussive touch. Massively big in Iono music style it's a head nodder with a simple premise...move. Hey elmo Perreira good of you to come! Nice to see you giving back to the kids. Hope he doesn't get pissed off, cause I'm gonna beat that one into the ground. Binary Perception- This is Tore Mortensen from Denmark with a downtempo track to close Part 1. It's a slow and steady ambient dawn over a frozen landscape loaded with mysterious pads and light synth touches that keep the feeling futuristic and dark. The sun has yet to crest the horizon and it reminds me of Ultimae releases with a nice glitchy touch with some echoing percussion. The 6 minutes flies by and I hit repeat several times with this one. Brrr...it's f*cking cold in here. I need a hot chocolate. Mentally Unfit- This project had a track on the first Gateway which was really good. The beginning sounds like someone fell down the stairs and tripped over a xylophone in slow motion, but stay with me here. The tempo is quicker with lots of effects that fill out the track. Like guiderails that keep you on the road. The lead at 5 minutes is pure goa that singes what it touches. Building layers as it goes it's not your normal 4 on the floor goa track. Liked it. Electric Manna- Now that we have passed through the dark side of the Gateway, warm pads speak of better times...hopeful times. Michael Nadj had a superb track on Twist Dreams (God, has it been that long ago?) The Manna is truly electric as the leads crackle like current flowing down a conduit. It's very shimmery and halfway through it finds its legs with some nice layering and a driving style. Very outer space and bubbly but it fizzles at the end. One more strong climax would've made this a great track. Reality of Life- Renato Brnić has had some strong releases with the Vs EP with Sky Technology as well as his EP Main Sequence Star. This has some nice subtle layering with leads sliding in and out of position while maintaining its power. The final climax is good with increased intensity. Pretty good. Goa Station- Is it like a gas station where hippies fill up on patchuli, mismatched clothing and weed? Nah, I'm just stereotyping. This greek duo seem like veterans in the scene and bring a track with a little bite to it. It's edgy with loads of melodies but keeps it's feet firmly planted in direct sunlight. Leads skitter and square waves are twisted to ear piercing levels. Great all the way through. It's long, and seems to gather an impressive head of steam at each turn. Just when you think it was over it comes at you again. Loved it. Lasers and Demons- "We are dreamers, shapers, singers and makers." This is Daniel Eldström whose album Human History was superb with some capital erb if you know what I'm sayin. You do know what I'm sayin' right? The Swede comes out swinging with a melody that doesn't mess around and a bass that means business. It's angry and the growl might be the least of your problems as the lead begins to scream. Let the involuntary shaking begin! See this...it's the coefficient of shakin that ass! Awesome track that hits like 10 car accident. Blistering. Classic Attack- Ah, Luis is quietly beginning to make his mark on the scene. Another straight ahead track with really in your face leads. He's like, filtering that one past 11. The break adds some outer space feel to it while that one lead chops away. The only thing with this was there wasn't much variation. It comes out and what you sees it what you gets. Presence- Can I get a show of hands of how many people are excited for a new goa album from this gentleman? Whoa...take it down a notch Jimmy. Didn't say he was gonna blow you. Richpa told me this was one of his oldest tracks and he supplies us with a downtempo closer that is...hold up let me read this again...over 14 minutes!! 14 minutes!?! Well, let me get my lunchbox and get into this. You know how a lot of downtempo tracks placed at the end are full of mystery? Not this one, it's bright as f*ck! Shimmering synths, floating leads that dance on warm currents, and bubbling bass sounds keep it earthy yet still reaching for the sky. Like if Kitaro dropped the opium pipe and just took about 20 tabs of LSD. That'll show you a Silk Road. With demons. And spiders...lots of em Freaks me the f*ck out everytime. Beat drops at over 5 minutes and my sunglasses are firmly locked in place. Synth melodies intertwine like a DNA chain and then that chain separates...we've got base pairs all over the place! It's pandemonium! Mutation! Mutation! Just because we can doesn't mean we should. So....since it's a dogs head...can he lick his balls now? Just askin... More layers as one lead scrambles across the sky like if Emerson Lake and Powell and Pink Floyd's music had a psychedelic baby. See at 14 minutes I can ramble like this. A downtempo track that didn't make me think about what's out there, but just let me enjoy what's here. Neogoa has done it again. Firstly, how sweet is that cover art? I can't stop looking at it. As far as the music goes, the first part eased you into things with its focus on darker, more experimental goa proving they don't have to beat you over the head with melodies to make a pleasing track. But what they did do was drench you in atmosphere that you could almost reach out and touch it. It then got intense for a few tracks before they backed it down ending in Erot's beautiful Binary Perception. Oh yeah, and with his track here, Daimon has cemented his status as king of the hill for dark goa as far as I'm concerned. F*cking kid is what....19? You lucky bastard. Probably knee deep in ass right now... Once through to the lighter side it was sunshine in the fast lane until the end with Mindsphere's reeeeaaaaalllly long track. No bad tracks and some really good ones. This compilation has a good flow and is a very nice addition to all of your other releases. Congratulations Richpa and all the artists from Neogoa for a final release that you can be proud of. Gooooaaaaalll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f*ck you copper! Mdk
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