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  1. much love for all the advice, definitely have a lot of listening to do!
  2. Looking for something along the lines of psychedlic/ethnic liquid dnb, any ideas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ultm_WZuVQw
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OdAbvs72Ts Lojik-Is this Love Liquid Dub Cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed on here.
  4. ahhhh much thanks! It is one of my favorite samples, looking forward to hearing more.
  5. Does anyone know where this sample is from?
  6. I think of minority report in the same way, the movie def. expanded on the concept and took more than a few creative liberties.
  7. Yeah that would be really interesting to hear, i think the surround sound would really lend itself well to a psybient release.
  8. Any releases in 5.1 surround sound, and if not why is this technology not utilized more often? It seems surround sound would only compliment the genre. Would you pay more for an album released this way?
  9. I am not sure how you would categorize it but i am looking for some tracks kinda midtempo. Something along the lines of a lot of shpongle tracks. thanks for the help!
  10. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind Paprika Princess Mononoke
  11. yeah its going to be at stimula im so excited, talked the gf and a close friend of mine to come too so i cant wait. Good call on the water, made sure to get extras in case anyone else needs some. Really glad to finally hear some good psy in a live setting. And pictures of course. Aeros you will need to PM me some info on more shows you have coming up, what time and day are you gonna be on at stimula, dont want to miss it
  12. So i am going to my first psy show/campout out in the middle of nowhere in California this weekend and was wondering about etiquette and the like. Anything i should know, im sure mainly its just common sense but i just wanted to be aware, and make sure the experience is the best it can possibly be. thanks for the heads up jess
  13. paprika is a spice. and the movie is way different then that south park episode. Some of you guys might actually enjoy the soundtrack too. The cover of the movie says "This is your brain on anime" so that gives you an idea that its pretty much a mindphuck
  14. just watched this anime film last night, and it has got to be one of the best movies i have ever seen. The story is about when the dream world collides with life. Got me really wanting to watch some other anime. Rarely do films carry both the creativity of a child and also have the ability to execute with reason and substance.
  15. joytron


    so dissapointed, waste of 10 bucks and a waste of 3 hours of my life. Lacked coherence and reason, terrible acting and dialogue. The final seen... WTF? Every characters motive made no sense
  16. not sure if its been done yet... but what track samples a voiceover from Towelie (a south park) character?
  17. joytron

    The Fall

    One of the greatest movies i have ever seen. Something I think many of you would appreciate. Dont want to give too much away but is done by the director who brought The Cell to life. The Fall is a fantasy about a journey into a mind that is falling apart.
  18. Telepopmusik-Just Breathe
  19. just finished the the first mix and it is amazing! such good flow. What is playing at 12:00 ?
  20. wow i love you guys! i just want to stay home from work and school and listen to music all day. so many good recs. Ra-9th Jikkenteki flights of infinty 12 Moons Solid state ohhh and we are just getting started. also found this mix from Anoebis- Storm in your head that i cant stop listening to actually phylosomatica is one of the first things i heard and is really helping me find good tracks thanks for all the recs!
  21. great movie! It constantly blends dreams and reality making them inseperable which gives the movie a really good flow.
  22. thanks to all the great replies, some really out there music a lot of it sounds great. finally got some good headphones to enjoy it Malevolent that was excactly what i was looking for
  23. This halloween i dropped at a party in san diego where my friend was a DJ. He played a psy set and I was totally blown away and am now on the hunt for more. I really have enjoyed the ektoplazm site and so far my favorites have been New Born's the Observer and Dad There Is an Alien Playing My Guitar (cosmo circle/never land.) I have always enjoyed ambient and Dub especially the works of Bill Laswell. I am also looking for more psy with Indian and Middle Eastern chants/rythms. If there are any recomondations that would be really helpful. (Pretty open to anything but dark psy, just cant get into it) Also is there a topic that shows all the different branches of psy, found one but the picture was removed. thanks, glad to be part of the forum and have already learned a lot just searching around. jess
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