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Found 2 results

  1. Album: Mirrors Edge Catalyst Soundtrack Artist: Solar Fields Genre: Ambient, Progressive, Electronic Track List 1 Faith 3:29 2 Release 15:39 3 Birdman 1:17 4 Downtown District 14:11 5 Noah 1:52 6 Back In The Game 18:17 7 Icarus 2:30 8 Plastic 1:59 9 Savant 17:35 10 Gridnodes 13:32 11 Anchor District 14:14 12 Dogen 1:53 13 Benefactor 21:1814 Raid 1:01 15 Flytrap 16:53 16 Sanctuary 8:16 17 Rebecca 1:20 18 Vive Le Resistance 17:59 19 Rezoning District 16:30 20 Aurore 1:11 21 Prisoner X 15:21 22 Aline 1:35 23 Kingdom 21:58 24 Kruger 2:26 25 Isabel 3:34 26 Family Matters 17:45 27 Tickets Please 11:04 28 The View District 15:07 29 Caitlyn 1:35 30 The Shard 24:35 31 Gabriel 2:46 32 Catalyst 3:54 Spanning across a stunning five-hour time frame, Solar Fields soundtrack for the parkour inspired video game, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, can be considered an electronic masterpiece amongst advanced audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Every second is elegantly laced with heartfelt emotion and powerful energy; a combination of beautifully evolved textures, mystical melodies, and satisfying baselines that set the backbone for a progressive adventure into another world. Its interesting chapters make way for a truly captivating journey that stays ambitious throughout its diverse expressions. After twenty years of producing elaborate music, Solar Fields passion for crafting innovative soundworlds still shines strong, and his talents continue to blow us all away with this latest release. Magnus Birgersson has worked with meticulous detail behind every note to create something very special. Each track in this carefully orchestrated journey is filled to the brim with breathtaking action. Wave after wave, its colorful ocean of deep bass hums in the distance against an intense array of dreamy synths and complex pad arrangements. This unique composition beckons our ears to take a dive, and it is certainly refreshing to hear such awe-inspiring brilliance in todays musical industry. Prepare yourself to venture through the auditory stratosphere of a video game score like no other, for the fast-paced arpeggiations and euphoric breakbeats of Catalyst will leave you on the edge of your seat. Yes, it is that exciting. As if you too were free-running across the rooftops in the futuristic metropolis of Mirrors Edge, thrill and suspense is engraved within the frequencies of this lively, conceptual album. The charismatic instruments seem to carry a personality of their own, banding together to tell the epic story of an enthralling universe. This is pleasantly alluring, a gracious invitation to an ear-candy experience where the mind wonders off into other dimensions. It is incredibly easy to let go and get lost, making It the perfect companion to an open-world video game. The game itself is not required to have a good time, however. All you need to do is press play. Get up and dance or sit back and relax. Whatever you do, open your mind and close your eyes as these thirty-two tracks take you to another planet. Seriously, its going to be great. Solar Fields has created a work of art that musical lovers everywhere can praise, so turn on your sound system and get ready for an atmospheric voyage into complete and utter bliss. 10/10 All tracks are written and produced by Solar Fields
  2. Yes, it's another recommendation topic, but don't switch back. This summer I've picked up some regular exercise, an hour every day. And I need some good music to keep me going. I have my favorite albums, but there's too few of them and I can't listen to the same music too often. So I went forth to explore the various trance genres more in depth. And found out that I don't really like it that much. These are the classics I know AND love AND found very good for workouts: Astral Projection - Amen Aural Planet - Power Liquids Green Nuns OTR - Rock Bitch Mafia Human Blue - Misstarryas Xperience Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger, Twisted Infected Mushroom - (middle era albums) Converting Vegetarians, Classical Mushroom, I am the supervisor Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinitie Raja Ram - Raja Ram's Stashbag vol. 4 Vibraspheree - Archipelago (got to check back at early Vibrasphere albums again) Plus some non-trance: Bachelors of Science - Science Fiction (DnB) Shakatura - Shakatura ZubZub - The powers that beep The albums that were recommended on Discogs as similar but that I didn't really like: Filteria - Sky Input Man With No Name - Moment of Truth MFG - New Kind of World Transwave - Helium Etnica - Alien Protein Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation, Delta Aquarids X.Dream - Radio Shakta - Silicon Trip Human Blue - all the rest of his trance albums. Some tracks are good and the BBB album sounds similar, but none gives me shivers like the MX. Basically, I don't like these low and high-pitched dead-simple convoluted tunes repeated all over, in exactly the same key and mood, the tense, quirky lurky Goa atmosphere. I dare to claim that the examples above mostly don't suffer from this, They're highly melodic and the mood is different and the melody is in tune with the mood. Some mainstream feel is acceptable. The music is like a progressing story, not just a set of uptempo soundscapes. I have surely stumbled upon Goa gems of great complexity and genius, but I didn't feel like working out when listening to them. At the very least I need something at which I can read. (my machine can hold an ebook-reader) But many of the above uplift me from reading into... blissful trance, which is I guess the point of this music. There must be something ear-friendly, complex and melodic enough, rhythmic, trancey, psychedelic if possible, but not 604-like. It may be dark or light, doesn't matter, just interesting enough. I'll have to check out Chi A.D. - Infinitism, Blue Planet Corporation, Koxbox - The great unknown, Talamasca - Zodiac (yes, I practice astrology for fun), And I also kind of liked Filteria - Daze of our lives. Maybe because the name is funny. But enough about me. What is your workout music? One that either uplifts you from the pain into bliss, or lets you read a book while exercising? Lastly, I apologize for all the Goa Trance fans who's feelings I've rejected.
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