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  1. "Energy Mind Consciousness" by Mystical Sun
  2. I love 'halo' too, but i don't agree with you about the other tracks, I think the album is amazingly solid. look at "Blue Magnetic Ocean" and you won't find 1 second of it that is ever the same. the album has amazing variety on it. unlike a lot of albums where all the songs sound same, this album offers a huge variety to choose from. the album gets better the more you listen to it. some songs are very deep, and take a while to understand. this aint pop electronic like BT. this is deep stuff.
  3. from around 1990-1995 there was a golden age of ambient and many critical releases happened during this time. FSOL, Silent Records, Instinct Records, Mystical Sun, O Yuki Conjugate, Taylor DuPree, FAX Label, Pete Namelook and on and on. One of the classics of the classics was STC's Sea Biscuit and his work with Terrance McKenna Alien Dreamtime. What happened? The scene changed and people got the need for speed. Drums & Bass happened and pretty much the entire scene died taking down many artists with it. Some are still around others got day jobs. From what I read someplace, STC went the day job route.
  4. Check out the Grado Labs 325's Rock solid construction, no plastic, will last forever. Best sound quality you've every heard. What ever headphones you get, make sure the cups are attached to the headband strongly, I've broken more Sens & Sony's cups off that I care to count. Which is what led to the Grado's. I got super tired of breaking headphones when tranced out.
  5. Anything from the Tip Shiva collections circa 1997
  6. I cannot say enough about how good Dynaudio monitors are. They are the best monitors I've every heard.
  7. Thanks for the list! There at about 20 or more I've never seen before! I'll be harvesting sounds from this list for months! What do you use to manage your samples? I am using AudioFinder, which is working pretty good for me so far.
  8. AGREE 10000% unless someone wants their music to intentionally sound lofi and trashed. you can get some special effects by encoding a sample at the lowest quality.
  9. i think it is because it has a sound unto itself and people tend to set their expectations to be the same as the crowd. this album really doesn't sound like any other psychill i have which is why i like it, it sounds fresh. that can be a problem, because people like albums in a genre to all sound related, to follow the rules. IMHO this album delivers alter states of consciousness while other albums just sound trippy. i was undecided about this album at first, i liked it, but didn't love it. one night, i had a get together at my house and it got late and we were very altered and i wanted to play some music that was chill. pretty much by the time the album got to "dark energy" people were like whoa! what is that your playing? listening to it like we were watching a movie was the key that unlocked it for me. if you're going to interview this guy, ask him why he keeps such a low profile and doesn't tour!
  10. so you can tell if an album is good by just one or a few listens? then you are surface listeners and make snap judgements. good albums are not instantly likable, but they last longer. if i like an album right away, i know i'll grow tired of it faster. i've have EMC for several months and only now starting to figure it out. the thing is this guy works in subtle layers of sound. i am still finding new things each time i listen. looking at your profile favs, it is pretty clear why you didn't like it. it doesn't sound like anything else your into. that's doesn't mean it isn't good. to dig the album you will need headphones and some mind alteration.
  11. hip hop is safe manageable rebellion for the corporate elite. it makes youth feel radical without being radical. instead, they're basically puppets of the corporate elite. being guided to spend their money and acquiring products. is it no mistake that some of the most successful hip hop artists have clothing lines and 50 cent even has a energy drink. psy music, expands the mind, makes people ask questions, questions challenge the corporate elite's grasp on every aspect of our lives. it doesn't glorify money. this will change if it gets popular because then it will be money generating and will attract commercial interests. just like raves in the early 90s turned into massive events which had all the trappings of raves, but were just corporate events. basically once anything crosses the money line, it goes down hill very fast. hip hop was once, in a far away time authentic. now it is a cartoon.
  12. if you really want to dive down into the actual reason is there was cultural shift in 2000 towards the right and then into a deep repressive government that made everyone afraid of everything. this was a period of boundary creation. now that the country is moving towards the left, you can expect more psybient as boundary dissolution beings.
  13. in my opinion the artist should have a strong idea of what their total vision is, and that includes the cover. if the label does all that, then it is not the artists vision, but the vision some random graphic designer. to put this into context imagine an ambient album like anything by fennesz with a girl in a biki on the cover with headphones. if ministry of sound put out the album, that would be the cover.
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