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  1. Autechre - Incunabula an automatised work-environment, for example the assembly-line of TysonTM power vacuum cleaners
  2. Death in Vegas - Dead Elvis Gym class... jogging session.. as in a Beep Test or as such (PT-test,...)
  3. best guide to electronic music remains fascination the rest will follow when the time is right
  4. cool, thanks for checking this one out dude !
  5. idd, makes the image smaller in width (rectangle-oid), while it is kinda a panoramic view without (vertical) borders should work better imo but that's just a personal view i also find the planet(moon ?) downunder too much centered horizontally but it's a nice cover, like it, usage of colours is also nicely done
  6. wasn't offended in any way i just don't like dark as well hehe
  7. ouch, what a comparison but okay, i get your point hehe
  8. yeah, well, there's some acidic gabber innit though some old ruffnecks and stuff ah well.. i'll put up a tracklist tomorrow for ya
  9. yeah, i had to label it hehe but i dont know what u consider gabber there's over a decade of hardcore-sounds in this mix from 1993 till 2004 all non-commercial, darkish, harsh acidic stuff
  10. little promo cd i made for our party 20 sept. click 72.03 min. @ 192 kbps
  11. smartpac is still the best casing i've ever encountered until now cant find any images of it, but it's 100% cardboard/hard paper, and its a case, not a sleeve/cover *edit* ahh.. found one.. here you go source: http://www.discogs.com/release/1108989
  12. the line in between is thin, and vague (when searching for beatless trance) but compared to steve roach or vidna obmana, it's definately trance
  13. the ones i mentioned are totally percussion-free one with only some percussion, no kicks: Earth Nation - Transfiguration
  14. Dr. Fernando - Caverna Magica tracks in specific: Elm Street and Tremola the track Caverna Magica itself is also beatless the first part (first 7 minutes)
  15. damn, you should go into politics dude, seriously !
  16. it's nice pixel art but it evolves very slowly imo hope there gonna be some cars driving round soon, but i'm afraid for it
  17. nice, thanks for the tip =) have you checked out Dan Seagrave ? click on name (pop-up) -> the art -> illustration -> album art
  18. a 7 inch picture disk *edit* other side:
  19. third factory opened by Kryll there are some vacancies left hehe
  20. Belgian psychedelic darkambient/industrial from the same label as this one: pretty much all their artwork is awesome imo
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