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  1. hmm.. it's about 350 megabyte i think and it ends different than this one but i'll think about it (as here in Belgium bandwidthquota are quite limited )
  2. anyone gave it a listen yet ?
  3. old mix of mine i might continue with i chopped it up in portions, but if u convert the mixes into 1 mix it still is continuous click the quote to go to downloadpage all comments more than welcome ! also if downloading should fail, please give me a shout ! Grtz
  4. 1. Your total collection number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc. from every music genre). about 1250 + 300 classic music vinyl + 40 cd's classic, jazz, hiphop, etc.. so, about a 1600 i guess 2. Your Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number (including everything: cds,vinyls,tapes etc). as i'm more into the grey area's it's hard to draw a line within my collection but pure psytrance.. i'd say a 200-250 3. Your total cd collection number (every music genre). counting double and triple cd's as one : about 64 + a 40 some classic/jazz/hiphop/... 4. Your total cd Psytrance & Psychill (all genres) number. ±5 (if you're talking bout true psytrance/chill if i count in the grey area's that count in for me personally : ±20 5. First Psytrance or Psychill release you bought and when. i started with buying the typical psytrance quite late, because in the days i used recordstores as source i never really bounced into goa i liked first typical goa stuff i bought would prolly be Juno Reactor on Novamute, and some Koxbox stuff on Blue Room and HartHouse this started out probably round 2003-2004 but i'm not really a psytrance freak, i call things psychedelic trance that have the label "speedcore, acidtekno, industrial, techno, etc...." so i have a different perspective on the term psytrance, and can't really answer that question fully to whats expected it's comparable with discussing colours .. if i say red or green it fully depends on personal interpretation and perspective to define what colour comes in mind so i just have an unusual view on psychedelic trance, that's it mainly hehe perhaps the first things on cd i bought were Eat Static cd's ('99 - '01 somewhere) as i knew a store that had a good variated stock with electronic stuff on cd 6. Fav Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection. hard one, my favorite things mostly are grey-area's qua style as they are very meaningfull to me, => to gain perspective on the old streams and to blend psytrance with other psychedelic genres but within the style (though i find it rather good techno-trance-acid) > probably Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden out of the style into the grey zones (though very congruent with the former mentioned album) that'll probably be Klinik - Sonic Surgery 7. Most important Psytrance or Psychill release in your collection and why. all psytrance that borders with techno, acid and oldschool trance / rave / house best material essential for blending in a mix furtheron, importance is irrelevant for me, as i try to keep my collection filled with releases that i find important working materials and they all have their own qualities which cannot be compared 8. The most rare Psytrance or Psychill in your collection. probably something from the Loving Ed Records label, but that's not really psytrance and my collection is 99% vinyl, so.. can't pinpoint this or something from Black Totem perhaps but what do u consider rare ? rare imo equals hard to find (for example because of lack of represses of old small defunct labels with releases of 300-600 copies, pressed only once hyped (expensive) stuff is something else .. old items that have become rare because they are so wanted, never were repressed and intensively used by owners over the long period of time 9. Albums/Compilations balance. 96% Albums/Ep's 4% Collections i guess 10. Do you support artists from your country. Do you buy their releases? as much as i can, but due to financial issues i sometimes have to make a selection in buying but i certainly do.. except if i find the release itself awful Bonus question: Do you download Psy for free? yes, i'm quite the intensive downloader but that's only because i dont have any recordstores anymore where i can get inspired so downloading stuff for me is just the way i discover new music that i like, so i can buy them i dont consider it being illegal, though it mostly is and i certainly dont use these things to create mixes (i would rather die) ah yes.. and to conclude my answer : i find mp3-deejays extremely lame they don't deserve any respect and are a confirmation that internet has a decaying effect on music-quality don't understand that mp3-dj's get asked for parties, but i blame forum life for this if u love music, u praise the artists behind the magic of the music ur into free mp3-downloading has a more massaconsumption nature, which mostly evokes bad taste, and decadence (cultural decay) but hey.. scene-decadence is a natural process that always occurs hehe (be it through overproduction, be it through hyping "hits of the month", be it through musical-content getting dependent on social hierarchism and friend-politics) so dunno if it is appropriate thing to do for me, filling out this list but i'm more of an allround outsider that doesnt believe in scenes, doesn't work with styles, but works with elements, origine, influences, networks (between artists, labels, etc..) and association to define music so i'm not really a goatrance fanatic if u consider goatrance being an autonomous and isolated style with roots from the past i'm more active in exploring the grey areas and cross-influences between different psychedelic electronics seen over it's whole traject from the late 70's till now allthough qua psytrance my interests mainly reach no further than 1997 (not counting in the few exceptions)
  5. just came up with some other things Hybryds / Yasnaïa - On The End Of The 7th Day / Cold Moon Over Black Water Psychonaut 75 / Aesthetic Meat Front - Demonium Of The Earth / Bird Of Oblivion, An Incantation Of Fire i coud describe it as being dark psychotic ritual music Diamanda Galás - Plague Mass ritualistic experimental vocals Olhon - Veiovis morbid darkambient this stuff aint for easy listening
  6. if you're looking for mixes, i aswell have a darkambient mix online Kryll - Heaverly Chills 902190 contents: OKK-ULTh - Elizabeth Bathory Goran Besov - Elements Empusae - Ankhou VA - Escape From Room 7 Vromb - Episodes Phlegm - Ashes Fatboy Slim - Sunset Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath 01 Empusae - Lemures Celluloïd Mata - La Connectique Cyberchrist (on Agent Orange) MS Gentur - Hands 2000 Virtus - E.P.Taph Goran Besov - Elements Elektroplasma - Molecules Autechre - Peel Sessions Vromb - Episodes Goran Besov - Major Malfunction Phlegm - Ashes ADC - Crash Research Goran Besov - Major Malfunction Goran Besov - Elements Orphx - Circuitbreaking Dj Edge - 3 Virtus - E.P. Cure
  7. if you're talking bout blue calx (the underwater soundscape) i can recommend u this one : Ah Cama-Sotz - U-Boot but also more dark than scary imo Ah Cama-Sotz -> Darkest live-act in the world hehe =) his OKK-ULTh pseudo is also worth mentioning if u're looking for haunted or demonic music *edit* another one that just popped in my head : Hybryds / Vidna Obmana - Music For Exhibiting Water With Contents: Soundtrack Voor Het Aquarium Zoo Antwerpen very dark ambient with noises and screams of animals innit , very odd album
  8. Streicher - War Without End a bit the experience of walking through a battle zone
  9. hmm.. flint glass scary ? i must disagree on that dark, yes, but scary not really (imo ofcourse ) still, that album comes recommended though =) something a bit colder and scarier than flint glass (but comparable)-> Morgenstern - Cold
  10. Contagious Orgasm - Illegal Occupation Of Ears
  11. you should try Amberdelic Space or this one lovely ambient compilations with many different good ambient artists further on i can also recommend Xingu Hill - Maps of the Impossible which can be legally downloaded from the Hushush-vault (hushush = canadian label) if you're looking for chillout Smoke City is quite nice and Morcheeba will post another one if i new things pop in my head
  12. Hi y'all, my first post here so for the occasion i would like to share a new mix of mine this one has a bit the traject of an early sunrise, coming from night or at least, that's what i had in mind to create my first combination of vinyl with cd Kryll - Breaking Dawn 153MB - 160kbps - 134:13 Tracklisting: 01 PWOG - The Challenge (Part One) ('92) 02 Roel Butzen - From Heaven 'Till Hell ('92) 03 Lenny Dee & Eric Kupper - Stress ('92) 04 Industrial - The Gauntlet ('90) 05 Paradise 3001 - Somavoid ('94) 06 Taiyo - Aquaspace ('94) 07 Brainstorm - Untitled ('92) 08 Paradise 3001 - Ludiomil 75 ('93) 09 Optica - Analogue Spectrum (Vibrating Shakra Mix) ('95) 10 Moog - Mental Groove ('94) 11 Neuwerk - Flying Inuit ('98) 12 Klinik - Zeptepi ('02) 13 The Infinity Project - Telepathy ('95) 14 Lumukanda - Triad 2 ('93) 15 Disturbed Genitals - Perfect & Slided ('94) 16 Earth Nation - Liquid Desert ('95) 17 Pulse - Behind The Eyes (dub) ('94) 18 Psychonautic Experiences - Nexus ('94) 19 Audiodrama - Ookney ('00) 20 Walker - Edit 5 ('94) 21 Subzero - Tsunami Warning ('97) 22 Cwithe - Spellbound (Toytown mix) ('95) 23 Earth Nation - Green Sky is Red ('95) 24 Har-Ell - No Way Out ('94) 25 The Infinity Project - Binary Neuronaut ('95) 26 Wave Slaves - First Impressions ('95) 27 Andreas kauffelt - Mental Home ('94) 28 Eat Static - Monstro ('01) 29 Shape Changer - Strings of Love ('94) 30 Klinik - On Silk Roads To The East ('02) 31 Odds - Umbelikis ('95) all comments (even positive ones) are more than welcome Grtz K. note : if downloading fails from this link above, u can use this link
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