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  1. Hairy female hippies... LOL... I can't think of anything more smelly and annoying.
  2. or at least trying too... 1 track, 5 minutes, 22 seconds, 320 kbs mp3. Difficulty downloading? Please try - right click, save target file..... This ones a little messy... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...ace%20waver.mp3 Thank you, enjoy the day.....maybe I link new video later, if I get around to making one. See you laterz
  3. Ok, I have listened to new version of track..... This is a fantastic track. I like the ideas and LoFi so much. You have a few home' style, mastering problems you need to practice to fix. This is much better than before. Very trippy, very cool track Cheers Bro
  4. "I see now that I forgot compressor on master exactly as you said!" Ok, let me make just quick clarification. You forgot you left a compressor on your master bus, yes? I am not suggesting to put one there. If you have one there, take it off. Re-render, re-upload.. I will give a new listen. :-) Cheers Mate... ----------- Ok, edit -- I am giving new listen now... I will post again in few minutes
  5. Totally low fi, I liked the track, and the ideas: but!! Either you put a compressor on your master bus, during your mix render or: You made this far to loud when you did your "home style mastering" This is about 20 decibels, louder than a major label mix. I am not being critical, of you or your music. This is a very cool idea, the track you have made here. It is just too loud, to listen too. You should not have to add more than +6 to a mastering limiter, furthermore, and this seems to cause a lot of arguments on the world wide web, you should not have a compressor on your master bus while rendering a mix. Let me know, if you make a quieter mix, with less post production, digital clipping, I will listen again, and enjoy the track a lot more... Cheers Mate...
  6. Cool thing, Mate... That must have annoying, sorry 'bout all that.. Cheers :P
  7. Hi Reger, I'm so sorry. I totally misunderstood you. That is totally my fault, but people have said really weird stuff to me on other forums... Like " Why are you using pre-made samples?" And then ofcourse, I give a whole speech like, " I am totally not." I don't know why, so many people think: " Just take a synth and press a button, and you have trance." This is a complete track, the track is 6 minutes and 33 seconds long. I know Bioshift, Plasma Force, sometimes has a problem downloading my tracks. I don't know what that is about. Have you tried, right click - save target file as ..... Maybe you can try streaming the track, directly from this page... http://soundwolf.net/?q=node/20 Once again, I apoligize to you. I felt very bad all day, because I was not exactly sure what you were saying. I hope you are able to get your hands on the track. I am trying very hard to share, full, complete, and quality 320 kbs mp3s of work. This is cause, if you think track is nice enough to spin at party. Please do... :-) I hope you try again to listen, and I hope you enjoy, and I wish you a wild night Cheers Mate
  8. Hi Reger, No mate... I sound designed the track. I made the kick drum from a sign wave + white noise, the clps and hi hats out of white noise and polynomials, I made all the synthesizer sounds from ground up. pulse waves, sq waves, saw waves... etc... Its much more than a sample. I produced the entire track. mixed, composed. Totally my own sound design. This is taking me a lot of practice and a lot of work. ANd I am NOT using pre-made, store bought samples, from other producers. The vocals, are samples... They are in the public domain, I found them on web.... But, all the synthesizers, drums, bass.... Is sound design by me... Please read my website, and listen to my other work. http://www.soundwolf.net Thank you Cheers ( edit ) Sorry I sound so defensive, but trust me... The music I am sharing is a lot more difficult to make than it sounds. I know it sounds easy, get some synthesizers, blah blah, make some tracks.... Sorry mates, not so easy. Thank you again Cheers again :P
  9. Thanks Mate, I think I could have done the beginning a little smoother as well. I'll save the progress for the next time around though. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks for the positive energy: Enjoy the day
  10. Practice, practice... I'm kinda happy with this. Hope you enjoy... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...20Traveller.mp3 thank you boom...
  11. Hi Plasma Force, Thanks for the message. Guess whats... I'm working on a really cool track right now, and I am gonna post it on this web site in less than 48 hours. I hope you like. I will send you a PM Thanks again for the positive energy Wave
  12. I hope you like track... http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...us%20Sphinx.mp3 Peace Outz
  13. Ok, OK :clapping: took many hours, but we finally on vimeo=== you can see the music and quartz composition in much higher quality now if you like http://www.vimeo.com/1600532 thank you cheers wave
  14. wow... takes a long time to learn to make music... i think I needed a break. I probably can't see myself making tracks all the time, for me they take so much concentration + thought..... anyways, here is my new piece... " In The New Dark Midnight " http://soundwolf.net/sites/default/files/0...%20Midnight.mp3 So, I got sick + tired of youtube sound + video quality... and yes, I made a cool video for the track :clapping: I am uploading to vimeo, when vimeo finish processing I will make new link, + one extra post... Hopefully you like very much this new track, and it takes you on cool journey. Thank you very much Waveshapist ( edit ) youtube vid completed processing... still waiting on Vimeo... experiencing technical difficulties plz if like the track, download 320 mp3, better 4 ears... :posford:
  15. Hi Buddy, Totally awesome array of sounds you have there. And a very clean sounding mix. :-)
  16. Your music is always banging, buddy. I liked this very much. Hang in there... Feel love -- peace Laterz
  17. This is nice, I like the breaks... The arp here sounds fantastic. I must say mate, that the practice really seems to be working out well for you. Hearing this, it is a fantastic effort. A cool track, with a much improved mix. Looking forward to more of you work, and I really enjoyed this piece. Great Job Cheers Mate
  18. Pm sent... :-) I gave you a quick drum run down... Cheers matEy
  19. Hi, Not a bad mix. Very intricate and overall wild vibe here. Smoothly done. Cheers
  20. Nice track mate. Thanks for the 320 k Good Vibes, I'll be listening to this all night. This is a very good track.
  21. Ofcourse, for your happiness a youtube video... plz be reminded, youtube sound + video quality suck balls, so if you like the music, much better for mp3 link in original post... All mp3 at 320 kbs.... Good logical quality for highspeed, but not as big as wave file. Thank you very much again, Happy Traveling...
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