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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Dubstep still produces quality music whether Britney here sticks her butt into it or not. The only problem I have with the song is it's going to give people the wrong idea of what dubstep really is since she's so well known regardless of her talent. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QYeBh4nD4I Now that's much better.
  2. flying lotus - table tennis (feat. laura darlington)
  3. I don't suppose we could use this still for 2011 now eh? heh What I mainly see (or am concerned with) is dubstep releases. Haven't been too keen on anything else except maybe Ultimae stuff. Can't wait for Aes Dana's new one to come out.
  4. That is one of the best remixes, for sure. 16Bit are heavy hitters. I had this song stuck in my head for awhile. Distance is awesome... http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QYeBh4nD4I Can't wait til this gets released! Also, can't wait for albums this year from the likes of... Kromestar (I think he's got an album in the works, certainly has Phaze Two coming out this year) (really rumoured but it would be killer!) Kode9 & The Spaceape Boxcutter Not all the links are to new songs. Some are new but don't know if they'll end up on the albums or not. We'll just have to see.
  5. It was underground when it began, yeah... but that was a long time ago now.
  6. Like I said in the other thread you posted: it was going to happen eventually. But in other news... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HioGF3PSWHA
  7. I thought it was obvious. Once a "scene" gets enough recognition in the mainstream people start wanting a piece of the pie because they think they can bank off of it. And this brings in all the wannabes making the crap stuff. Is it wrong for them (those who make decent music) to do so? If they can make a living off of it, then that's their decision, I'm not going to criticize them for doing something they want to do. Maybe if they act like assholes about it then I might get annoyed but that's not necessarily tied to the music. Also, Benga still makes , don't be harping upon him! @Domolt: To each his own but there's plenty of dubstep that's good. Whether you realize or not (or don't want to). http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=utJ8IRNVdzQ http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8v6LC_mtws
  8. I suppose it gives new meaning to Wobble That Gut. Kryptic Minds and Kromestar both have albums on the way. Krome's comes out next year I believe where as KM's might be released before the end of this one.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S35THmZD_E
  10. Let's see here... FlyLo, Shlohmo, Devonwho, Actress (maybe), Knxwledge, J Dilla (more instrumental than wonky, RIP), Zomby, uhm... that's all I got off the top my head atm.
  11. I find Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus is pretty wonky imo.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IddDWBpkzYg First song on his new album. If this song is any indication of what the album is like, then it should be awesome, imo.
  13. I think he's still on point. This one is definitely a testament of that.
  14. From what I've been hearing, the new Tripswitch isn't as good as old. Which is a little disappointing but any new Tripswitch is good in my book. But yeah, can't wait for 360.
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