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  1. I know what you mean. But I don't think Ott would do that.
  2. Ott... has some dubstep elements in his new tunes....? *brain explodes*
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mv8QBEXtMs Made my day.
  4. Sounds like something out of a 50's sci-fi film.
  5. I always thought it was pronounced that way... at least once in awhile I get something right.
  6. Redington


    The dreams are structured by the architect, so you're not going to get the surreal goings-on that usual dreams have. Granted, I think they could have used more of the surreal to make it feel like a real dream but we're not exactly sure what the chemicals in those machine things (with everyone connected to them) do to the brain. I'm assuming that they stabilize the person's subconscious to a point where the architect can submit his or her structured dream into place. If you watched one movie over (like this one for example) and over to the point you start dreaming of it constantly and perhaps more accurately... I think that's a part of what was going on. Obviously if there was more surrealism going on, people like Fischer would know it's a dream for sure and then try to get out of it. If they didn't fool him perfectly then we wouldn't have much of a movie, would we? Inception certainly isn't a mind-blower, they didn't make it into one as far as I'm concerned. I'd say it's around mid-to-low thinker. But I thought it was done pretty good. It also depends on what target market they were going for. It seems like it was made for about teenager/young adult level. I would see people in that age range being blown away by the movie.
  7. Then I believe that's about as close as we're going to get to agreeing with each other.
  8. When producers like Mala or Distance or Burial or Kromestar move onto something else. When the good producers give up. Like I said earlier. You're looking at it from a point of view where you'll end up being disappointed because almost always the mainstream messes about with good quality music. You have to look at it from a point where you don't pay attention to any of that more than need be. I don't really care if Britney Spears or Enimen or the next mainstream artist wants to cash in on a supposedly new sound by making underwhelming and/or horrid tunes. I don't listen to that stuff. I listen to music that I like and when that starts evaporating to a point where there's none left then so be it. Once the momentum's going in that direction then it's going to take an equally or stronger momentum to get it away from that. And it's basically impossible because that's where the money is that's where artists can "sell-out", that's where it gets mutated into something else entirely. Why is it like this? That's the question. Why does mainstream seemingly have to ruin every bit of enjoyable music that people become disconnected to it yet apparently everyone likes it? I think the main factor is money among the motives behind the money; among other things. And there might be a very small, minuscule possibility that not all of the mainstream music is inherently bad. It's a wonder that some music can weather the test of mainstream consumerism and still come out fine; more or less. Maybe we should be analyzing that genre and see if it can be replicated with other good genres. That what when the mainstream spits it out for the next big/cool/hip thing it won't resemble a pathetic version of it's former self. But that would be a big undertaking; certainly something bigger than a couple of people talking about it on an internet forum, of course.
  9. Can't wait for this. Best news I've heard all day... all year.
  10. They only hijack the scene if the original producers stop/give up making the music. They haven't, so they didn't hijack the scene... Yet.
  11. Quite a surprise, to me anyway. Looking forward to the album.
  12. I like the album artwork more than Skrillex's robot-fapping noises. No offense to him. I end up listening to his stuff sometimes, though. Anywho, I only just recently got onto Jack Sparrow's Circadian album; which was released last year and it's absolutely fantastic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq4N2qHCvYk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlwMZ5_KYE4
  13. I don't think she is but it seems she or whichever manager wanted to get a piece of the pie. To be honest, I had more problem listening to her voice than the beats.
  14. I think I used to think along those lines awhile back. But now that I think back on it, it seems very hipster-ish to act that way. Not I'm saying anybody here is a hipster but when in it comes down to it, it doesn't matter. I mean, I never really go to music gigs for the music's sake. At the time I wasn't really interested in going to concerts unless it was for a band/artist I really liked. I got to see A Perfect Circle before they went their separate ways and that was pretty cool. But of course it wasn't really an underground scene. That was the consumerism side, I suppose. Anyway, unless you have your own little scene going where nobody pays for tickets or anything and you're just chilling with your friends in the woods or in someone's backyard listening to some fresh music, I can see how people can get frustrated if those kinds of get-togethers are fewer and far between when the fresh music starts having a bigger impact and now you have to go pay to get into show or something to still have the experience you once had. It's like you've been supporting the producers/DJs for the ingenuity only eventually to be "repaid" back with watered-down material and having to go to more expensive venues just to hear anything good (hypothetically, if that was the direction it took roughly). You feel like your effort was almost for naught. I could see it from that angle. But if you were paying to go see underground music from the start, I would think less of being betrayed because it's already grown to a point where consumerism/the mainstream can start to bank on it. I'm not necessarily totally against mainstream getting into everything underground because it usually does and people have to feed themselves somehow. My only concern now-a-days is people who get confused/judgmental about a genre because they've only heard snippets of it from watered-down mainstream-ish tunes. Same thing goes for myself, I'm trying to be less judgmental about music I don't necessarily like. I'm not sure where I was going with this post but I think this is a good spot to stop.
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