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  1. I have only seen them only once years ago..Lucky you!! Arcana reminds me a lot of DCD
  2. Dune

    What is psy?

    Mind expanding/Freedom...
  3. I know how addictive Samothraki can be not only because of the festival. After what happened in 2003,I have heard that would not happenen again but maybe something changed! Any info would be appreciated!
  4. Will be dance festival at Samothraki this year? Do you have any links?Info's? Rythms of Peace in Morocco sounds great too!
  5. I looooooove Astral!! One of the first loves that lasts forever!!! Very very curious to listen to their new album released in September I think!!! NP:AP-Soundform
  6. Etnica-Trip Tonight Total Eclipse-Absolut Zero Astral Projection-Searching For U.F.O.'s (bright light rmx) Goa Gil-Electric Universe-Cold Fire Cosma-Keep Going Miranda-Concorde Transwave-Trashish Silicon Sound-Cylinder.......... .............................a few.......
  7. Dune


    You should take the step and buy it.One of my favourite ambient cds since i bough it! Very good music,trippy relaxing and mind expanding imo.. If you buy it let us know what you think!!
  8. Is sooo hard to choose a Juno album as favourite as all are so good. But I will agree that Transmissions are my favourite because of this great felling I still get everytime I hear it.
  9. Diskobole is at the center of Athens at 17 Charilaou Trikoupi str. Have a nice time!!!
  10. All has to do with personal taste imo... Concerning MWNN....the guy made me love Goa trance...First time I heard Sugar Rush I went to heaven.... His last album was not what I expected but it was not crap either,it was different.
  11. I suggest you buy hallucinate,I liked it.Some tracks are really good. Hope his new album to be better though as he is a good musician and has abilities to make good music.
  12. Dune

    FSOL - Dead Cities

    It's good to have reviews on other genres. Concerning FSOL albums both Lifeforms and Dead Cities are masterpieces. Took music ages ahead, and from what I see and hear I doubt that there will be released anything like that in the following years.. Nice review seraph!!
  13. Well you are not the only one coz I can see anything in it... Nice design but nothing more...
  14. Very very good music!!! You should definately release a cd!!! Keep up!!!
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