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    Context is important, back in 2005 the genre was not clearly defined as it is today. Ka-Sol was one of the pioneer but you can hear the old Ka-Sol tracks sound totally different to today's forest psytrance. Anyway you can see from the first responses on this thread that some (me included) probably never heard of the term forest psytrance and were trying to pick music that is dark and deep, and reminiscent of some kind of forest. Derango's album came out 3 months after this thread.
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    That's how i get my album info. If you like comps then this year/month has been great for them. Check:- Timewarps Va - Lotus, Mamomams Va - 303 Syndroms Global Sects Va - Shambala Geomagnetics Va - Call of Goa 3 Otherwise I recommend Ephedra, Veasna (haven't listened yet but it's Neogoa Records), Lectro Spektral Daze, Ufomatka, Ubar Tmar, Median Project, E mantra, Unknownium and the Jayex album Soul Echoes. I'd start with Jayex and Unknownium then move from there.
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