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    A rare bird of my feather....mine is iFi DSD micro black fed by Sony NW_ZX300 into Sennheiser HD6xx. I agree with your interpretation, however, I do tend to collect FLAC 16bit as my baseline bc I feel the rips to a proper FLAC are made by encoders that are competent and passionate for quality sound.
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    Kommer 30. Juli 2018 overalt. MATERIAL MUSIC - 2DRAGONS [GEOMAGNETIC RECORDS] 01. Access Material Virus 02. Avalon Vacuum Technology 03. Alien Wis-ard & 2Dragons 04. Black Hole Dancing With Anti Matter 05. Inside the Reaksjon 06. Galactic Connection (Gamma~Maya) 07. Turquoise Planet (Trance Healing) 08. Oxytocin 09. Sound of Everything 10. Superconscious Minds (Synchro Science) 11. Magenta Platinum (17th Cha-kra) 12. Undefined Field (Singularity) 13. Turquoise Planet (Ambient Healing) Pre-listen here: http://www.goastore.com/material-music-2dragons.html Or maybe here? https://www.psyshop.com/2Dragons-Material-Music/geo1dw928/
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    I use iFi DSD Micro Black Label fed by a Fiio X3 into Audeze LCD-2 headphones... hardly mediocre, and the only time I can tell the difference between lossless and 320 mp3 is with very well recorded acoustic music. Even then, I have to really concentrate hard on every detail to be able to distinguish between the two. It makes no real difference with electronic music.
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