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Possible inspiration for Gamma Goblins


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It's not often there's a new post from Hallucinogen @ Facebook, but a couple of days ago it happened. Posford posted a link to a dj set by boom boom techno dj ANNA and was some what upset of a lame remix of Gamma Goblins. He wanted to know who was responsible for it. Turned out it was ANNA's boyfriend Wehbba, but she claimed it's not a remix, but an original track. Someone wrote that there's a "gamma goblin" preset on a synth called Polybrute, so Wehbba probably used that preset, not knowing it's importance for the psytrance crowd.

That could have been case closed, but someone posted a clip from an old Brian De Palma movie called Sisters from 1972, and accused Posford of hypocrisy:

Posford is born in 1971, so it's not unlikely he saw the movie in his teens and maybe the melody stuck with him. Fast forward to the mid 1990's and that melody resurfaces in his mind and becomes one of the best psytrance tracks out there. Or maybe it was a rip off. We will not know until Posford replies, and so far he hasn't.

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Haha hilarious! 😅

We know that the great Bernard Hermann, who composed so many wonderful film scores and was thoroughly immersed in the "western" symphonic tradition, was influenced by Holst and Berlioz, amongst others, especially in his work for Hitchcock. I don't immediately recognise the "Gamma Goblins" chords, but I'm almost willing to bet that they come from the symphonic and/or folk traditions. 

I personally am of the opinion that if you discover plagiarism it is best to say nothing as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For every finger we point, there are three others pointing back at us! 😉

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I'm not ruling out that Simon might've been influenced one way or another by some previous music for Gamma Goblins. However I will say that the scale used in Gamma Goblins a diminished one, which kinda sounds like this by default. If one plays around a little with this scale it tends to automatically sound quite "enigmatic".

As it is rather limited in how it sounds. Much like the oriental scales too. I will admit that the posted example tho sounds pretty damn close. It's not a complete match, but close enough to make one wonder. :D 

To me the Gamma Goblins track is so much more than just the melodic hook, it's the atmosphere that really takes it home for me. Anyways always fun with some detective work!

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