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Ohm Mind & Adam Shiva - Donut Space Walk EP


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Artist: Ohm Mind & Adam Shiva
Title: Donut Space Walk EP
Label: Self Release
Release Date: Feb 16, 2022


1. Onion Rings of Saturn
2. Supreme Black Hole With Cheese
3. Donut Space Walk In The Pizza Nebula
4. Lost Shaman Toast

Well Look who it is. 

Ohm Mind back with another friend.

This guy must be cooler than Virtuart and all of his friends.

What’s next? Ohm Mind and resident Cool-Dude Open Source?

A man can dream,

Well today he has found his way into a studio with Adam Shiva, the shit-hot new guy on the block.

Two charismatic gents

I maintain that Ergot Pulsing is one of the greatest newschool tracks out there and The Nature of Life EP was hot shit.

So these two little freaks together can only be a good thing and if the cover art is anything to go by, you can tell they’re here for a good time. 


Track 1: One of the best things about an Ohm Mind & friend track is that you know they’re having a great time behind the sounds. Onion Rings of Saturn makes that blatantly clear and boy was I right about this combo being a good thing.

These two have such an array of sounds at their disposal and use such a beautiful amalgamation of them together.

The closest I ever got to losing my marriage was Tandem Bike Riding in Sweden in front of her family for our first holiday... That's not the look.

Well these two would have my father in law go out to get adorned into the protestant church just to give away his blessing. That mid-break charge-up-drop into chaos was enough to make me think that to maintain that kind of energy would involve a couple of spells and some adrenochrome.

The following act of explosions shows you exactly how and has the balls to slowly build into another giant mess of anti-matter and chaos. Before shutting it down… We’ve had our fun.


Supreme Black Hole With Cheese is full of the open soundscapes of space. I’ve never gotten a solid idea of what ‘Cheese’ is in tracks. That being said, and maybe it’s just a name, but this track melts and drips it's tribal cosmicism all over your coveralls and into your crevices.


The vocals were bad-ass and unexpected as they launch a rocket full of Gruyère right into hyper-drive.  Completely fun and completely twisted.


Track 3: Ah yea, the rock and roll track. The big promo, They hold the guitar for the entire first act bringing it in and out when other big bits of acid come to the front of the stage.

I always think that if your gonna have a big guitar in a track you gotta really riff and treat it the same way you treat all of your other sounds. The boys don’t do that and hey, maybe they just didn’t want to. Instead they use it smash other sounds against it to create big symphonies of chaos that draw you in for a lil’ hypnosis.

It sounded for a second like they were gonna start twisted the guitar at the break into the final act and then they finally go ahead and get a lil extra crazy for the last couple of bars.

I don’t wanna sound hungup on the guitar, the song was gangsta poppin and a straight rock sesh

Lost Shaman Toast gives me visions of Goa Nyan Cat flying around all the fun parts of space meeting aliens.


It holds the wacky energy right from the beginning of the track and feels like a true and complete mix of these two skills. The space phaser melody turns a trick and floats right into a green jungle melody Which leads into bringing all of the jungle to space. Leaves, Anacondas and Nitrogen everywhere. Straight gas.


Another successful release from both of these guys. The music is rockin' and it's even nicer to know people are out there collab-ing and having a good time. I know social media ain't showing us all of the lowlites, but it's felt like Jérémy has danced through it all it all and thank fuck someones doing that.

I love listening to these guys try new stuff and add new repertoires into their styles.

Musically I really appreciate this release, it ain't always easy to find the right Goa for hot days in the sun, generally I like that dark vibe for this music. But every now and then someone comes along and drops some wild energy like this. Window down, arm out tha window, glasses on, chewing tobacco, Donut Space Walk on the record and 3km's over the speed limit. This is living.


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Nothing more to be added really. Tsotsi put every feeling into words.
This is a stunning collection of in your face blasting goa trance. I'm talking 3 a.m. stuff right here.
The fun shoots through the speakers. And those killer basslines, it's ridiculous.

Cherry on the cake is the crazy rolling "Donut Space Walk in the Pizza Nebula" (really? Lol!). Ever evolving until we reach 4m10sec. Total mayhem!!

Hats off, what an amazing EP by these two crazy belgians.

Also check out this fantastic accelerating acid goa track by Adam Shiva from his mentioned The Nature Of Life EP:


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