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Looking for some advices


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Hello psyber friends,

Hope you all having a great year.. cough cough... :D

So this year at least got me focused on finishing some tracks for a project I started. I got one track down (more or less) and have another 2 in works which I fee; have some potential. 

Anyway, I had posted it in some forums for feedback and overall got a great and warm response. A couple people had suggested to me that I could probably try get this kind of material released. I didn't think too much of, but then another guy who run a decent Youtube channel told me the same thing, and then also my track somehow was picked up and shared / liked by a pretty big producer (Somatic Cell) and it did get me thinking about it!

I have been producing for about 15 years, with some large gaps in the middle because of some personal stuff. Got back into it pretty hard about two years ago again and have been having lots of fun with it. This year I'm focusing only on my psytrance projects as I would like to get a small EP of material done hopefully in 2020. I've never approached a label, big or small, and in fact hardly shared my work with many people at all. Most of my friends do not understand this music, I'm mostly just doing this alone and that's why I finally decided to ask some communities like here, reddit, for some reflection to help my direction and help me improve.

For me, I guess anyone can get some released right? Depends on the label? I am not asking if I am ready to get on Nano, Dacru Homega etc. I am modest and think there might be a small, but cool label doing this kind of morning / full-on psy that perhaps I can check out. I have been looking around and found a couple of interesting potential ones. I know we all get caught up in our work sometimes, like our last songs are the best ever haha. I wanted to ask some advice from any knowledgeable people here before I go out doing this, whether you think my production is up to par. Perhaps you also know some cool upcoming labels.

Here is a link to my new project, there is one complete track and a preview for my next track. I know it's not a hell of a lot to base an opinion on - or is it? Take a listen, I'm open to any advice, people who have been in similar situations, your first approach to a label, know you knew you are ready, etc. 

Link to my project:


Thanks for you time :)


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Your music and your production are great and I think we badly need full-on like that in 2020. It used to be my favourite subgenre but it seems that people mostly stopped making it by 2012 or so. There is a nostalgia thread here :) 


Of  recent artisis I only know Lexxus with similar sound, he has released some stuff at Dacru btw

So I think you could submit your stuff to Dacru as well, why not? In the worst case they never respond but you lose nothing anyway :) 

I don't know any labels consistently releasing melodic/morning fullon at the moment, if they do exist please someone let us know

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Thanks recursion loop & astralprojection!

Nice nostalgia thread, will be digging through it for some gems! Sacred geometry track is cool! 

With cool people like you around I don't feel too bad if a label will get back or not, thanks for being awesome :) 

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really nice tracks there! flipping out could potentially be a little too melodic/morning for what's popular today (which i agree is a shame), but for flipping dose i'd be hugely surprised if you couldn't release it on a good label.

i have no idea how to approach a label (still working on getting (enough) tracks up to release-worthy level), but please keep us updated here on your progress. 

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40 minutes ago, recursion loop said:

Okay, we defnitely need to talk the guy into dropping what actually makes his music great and unique ;)


definitely. never let taste and creativity stand in the way of success. becoming the next vini vici clone is the way forward  ;) 

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Hey Padmapani thanks man! Yeah I need to also get more tracks to the complete status, finishing tracks is such a b**ch haha. I would like to have also 5-6 solid complete tracks. I had a talk with a friend a couple weeks back, basically I was saying many of the tracks I like actually could be a bit shorter. Some of the full-on morning tracks build up, bring the kind of cheesy part in, do some kind of drop and bring it in again and again. Many tracks I just listen to certain parts, and the other parts seem drawn out a little at times. Of course some artists keep an entire 7-8 mins interesting but often with drawn out breaks and intro's. If you can make 5-6 minute tracks, cram all the power in that time and don't let it draw out, that's kind of my plan. I saw infected mushroom saying it on youtube video also a while back, some newer genre's and producers have shorter tracks and so what lol. 

BTW see you are from Austria. I was in Vienna not too long ago for a trance party. Really loved it. 

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i'm aiming for album length atm, so something like 8 full tracks. i typically get lost in the creative stage which is most fun with complete freedom before i get on to sequencing. then i throw out most of the stuff that's not quite good enough and wonder if i can get close to the usual 7 minutes. but in the end most tracks end up with 8min+ anyway :)

imho there is some sense for a psy track in making a journey that lasts for a while for your typical trance inducing dancing experience. you can already subtract maybe one minute at the beginning and one minute at the end if a track is played in a dj set. that leaves you with 5-6 minutes of playtime for a typical track but just 3 minutes for a 5 minute one.

i do want to try making something with the structure of early 00s fullon some day, where the track slowly builds up to just one melodic climax at the very end (think talamasca - the old school, or cancer), but during seuqencing it somehow feels wrong if i don't go to full power somewhere between 3:00 and 4:00.

i am not from vienna (rtp is) but lived there for a some years a few years ago. tbh i didn't like it very much for psy parties back then (they are either huge and inconvenient or tiny). however they still have outdoor parties now when we have none so i am a bit envious now in pandemic times :)

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