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postage prices to your part of the world?

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since this whole pandemic thing, i havn't been able to buy much from anywhere to be sent here to australia
i had an old album i wanted to buy again in my cart at psyshop for 3 months now, but because of covid can't get them to deliver here
the initial cost for the 1 cd was $6 australian, well i just checked now, and that price has gone up to $53
the world has officially gone mad, and looks like i will no longer be buying physical music from anywhere out of australia
anyone else had any issues like me?

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A Russian wanted to buy 2 CDs from me..this was the 1st time since 2 years or so I checked the cost to send outside of the EU....and it seems it basically costs 3x as much now. Luckily we found someone in Germany to send the CDs who visits the Russina guy I guess

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what's interesting is there still seems to be some sellers around, offering cheaper prices than others from the same countries, not sure if it's a regional thing, or some are hiking them up to cover in case they get lost. seems mainly what is happening as the people with postage accounts are able to keep costs down, and gaining greater market share by this

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