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Maan- FLoral Cortex

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Artist: Maan
Title: Floral Cortex
Label: Neogoa Records
Date: May, 2020

1. Prelude: Havenless
2. Mother Moss
3. Instant Equilibrium
4. Re/Bells
5. Gardens With Flowers of Crazy Colors
6. The Wednesday Pond
7. Red Relic
8. Interstate Insects
9. Maven
10. Postlude: Antiquity


Maan is Frode Ungar from Norway and this is his debut album.  His Orbiter Ep from 2017 was very good as were his compilation tracks.  Neogoa consistently releases quality goa trance and this is no exception.  While not being exceptional at anything, it is extremely solid at everything.  Ten tracks with the intro and outro being short sketches that had me wanting more.  The goa gets started with Mother Moss and as the title insinuates this is more of a forest track with a goa feel.  Loses its way a bit in the middle, but finishes strongly. 

Instant Equilibrium is an immediate stormer that feels very old school.   Sounds like old X-Dream.  It hardly deviates from its opening structure, but it's so bouncy and infectious I don't mind.  I liked the metallic synth banging right out of the gate with Re/Bells and it maintains the goa flavor.   The crystal clear sound and punchy bass of Garden With Flowers hits me immediately and the groove is similar to M-Run efforts.   Most interesting track goes to The Wednesday Pond,  sounding downtempo and progressive at the same time.  Really a very zen experience.

Red Relic combines a hammering bass and a frenetic synthline, but not a whole lot else.  Insects is very high intensity with screeching synth leads and never fully takes a break, but keeps evolving.  Maven closes it out with a super crisp sound and bouncy rhythms.  Really liked the understated layers in this one.

Like I said, not exceptional at anything, but great at everything.  It's a solid goa album that I felt could've been better, but with numerous dalliances in other genres.  I look forward to the next one.

Neogoa Records Bandcamp

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