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Globular & Geoglyph - Messages From The Resonator [Self Released]

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1. The Observatory

2. A Peculiar Mission

3. Triplicitous

4. Take Down Everything

5. A General Benevolent Presence

6. Flight Stimulator

7. M.I.N.D

8. Due to Special Circumstances



We are incredibly happy to present our slow-burn collaborative album Messages From The Resonator. We hope you enjoy these weird sounds, catchy hooks and floaty atmospheres...

Chris [Geoglyph] and I spent nearly two years working on this on and off, directly collaborating in my little studio room in Bristol. It was a lot of fun to write, and a very different experience from both of our usual processes. A lot of compromises were made, but they were more than made up for in cross-pollination and new ideas that neither of us would have pursued individually. We paid little attention to genre in the creation process, but often used tracks or artists we both dug as a jumping-off point for thinking where to take the next track. Although we think this album is pretty unique in its sound and approach, we owe a lot to artists like International Observer; Greg Hunter; Dub Trees; Ott; Entheogenic; Third Ear Audio; Shpongle; Celtic Cross; Warp Technique et al for shining a sonic light.

We owe a *huge* debt of gratitude to our amazing artist Gareth Hovey for his sublime contribution..! Do go check out his work. And of course a massive Thank You to everyone that helped fund the mastering, artwork and vinyl production via Kickstarter, we couldn't have done it without you.

Enjoy! - Chris & Morison


Buy here: https://globular.bandcamp.com/album/messages-from-the-resonator

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My copies are still in the mail. Looks like they were delayed by Royal Mail congestion and May Day weekend. Well, excited anyway. And I do have the files already. I may listen to those as soon as my ears have recovered from a two-week marathon of specialty radio programmes. :)

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