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RA's set @ ZNA 2019

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Hey ,

Many of my friends return with bad feedback's and huge disappointments from RA's set @ ZNA this summer.

They said he played new music in style of full on...

I was really upset that I couldn't make this year to ZNA mainly because I still haven't had a chance to hear RA in Live set.

Does anyone here was there during his performance and can review it for me? what was wrong ?

Also as far as I understood the guy behind the deck was Lars , and not Christer.


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Actually, it is only Lars playing these days, no Christer... So its "only" him.

He did play 2-3 new tracks, which are typically Ra, but with a modern (full on ish) kick. I didnt even knew the tracks before, so I was surprised as well... maybe he can make 2 versions/ 2 sets so the old school freaks stay happy :) 

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I see, anyways feels like it wasn't satisfied. I trust my friends who didn't enjoy it, we are all big RA fans.

I think whoever will play the music from 2 of them (Christer / Lars) , the music should be in their classic gos style, especially when it's very rare to see them playing this days ( 1 performance per year in good situation ? )

So they can still make a dream come true for many people.

Thanks for feedback guys.

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You are perfecly right at what you are saying. Couldn't agree more. 
It has happeend a lot of times. Organisers advertising about old-school/retro sets and the artists coming and playing new stuff. I honestly don't get it, it shows a total lack of respect to the audience.

I was hugely dissapointed with Jaia's set (one of my favourite producers) because he decided to end it with his cinematic stuff... It was tottaly unticlimax. 
It should have been exactly the other way round:
Start with cinematic stuff, then the prog stuff and finish with a bang with goa. He went exactly the opposite way.
His set was  one of the few "real" lives of the fest, with remixes and tweaking and use of the keyboard (even Simon P's set was more minimal technicaly) and the sound quality was simply superb BUT the order was a problem.


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The thing with this set was it jumped around a lot. One minute he was playing early stuff, then stuff from the last album, then 9th era stuff... It didn't really flow. 

For instance playing 12th hour as the second track was odd.

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