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Toxeed - Mysterious

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Not On Label (Toxeed Self-released).

1. Divination Of Times  9:45
2. Aphrodite  9:04
3. Enigma  8:57
4. Shell  9:08
5. Abyss  10:09
6. Constellation  10:30
7. The Call Of Freedom  9:24
8. La Faucheuse  10:04

Checking Discogs, I see that this French artist released 11 albums before, since 2012 :o how is it possible to be that prolific? 
Anyway, yes the bassline is pretty much the same in all tracks, the BPM seem to be all the same as well, so there is definitely a feeling of "what if there was more variety?" but that being said, the sound is very interesting for the most part, this is a fast-paced pure Goa Trance album.
Cannot compare with the previous outputs, never listened to Toxeed before but I was grabbed for the most part. Shell and Constellation have to be the most story-telling tracks here, generous with melodies, key changes, mystic chants. It is easy listening compared to most new school Goa Trance, there is space between layers, it is easy to digest. As said previously, it does lose a point for lack of variety but I still find this album very smooth and pleasant to the ears.

Rating: 7/10. 

To listen / buy: https://toxeed.bandcamp.com/album/mysterious

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This guy is pretty underrated. Lots of great melodies and atmospheres, quite psychedelic inducing too - I'm honestly surprised he isn't being released in current goatrance comps at least. Reminds me a little bit of Infinite Dimensions in many ways if anyone remembers that project. Shows you it goes a long way to release on a label when it comes to publicity.

Joske and Mars you guys should totally listen to "Abyss" from this album.

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