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V/A - Analog Visions

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Manuser    248


Hallucinogen - Demention (Alternate Mix)  8:35
Technossomy - The Pyramid (Live Mix)  13:31
Total Eclipse - The Furnace (Summer 1996 Live Mix)  8:53
Tetrahedron - Quicksand (Remix)    7:28
Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Conflict (Live In New York 1997 Mix)  10:12
Quid - Code S9 (Transwave Mix)    7:14
Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians 1998 Live Mix)  10:15
Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles (Doof Desk Mix)  10:21
Jaïa - Insomnie (Live Mix)  9:14

A nice collection of classics released by DAT Records, these are either a live mix or a remix, in my opinion most of them are improvements of the original.

I'll start with a big thump up. The Pyramid is absolutely a monster track, it is by far more entertaining than the original. This live mix is extremely psychedelic, I do like the original but it's not a track I often went back to, but this version is just terrific, it reaches a rare level of psychedelicness. 
Demention Alternate mix is certainly a great track, same for The Furnace, not too different from the original though. 
I never heard Quicksand before, it is the most progressive track of this compilation, tribalish stuff, pretty cool overall.  
Code S9 is a fantastic piece of melodic goa trance, unfortunately ruined by the noisy kickline (similar to Tandu - Naughty Moves). A shame because this is really Transwave at their very best.
I think Conflict is a bit improved here with these few extra minutes, it's a classic and you cannot go wrong with this one, solid stuff for sure.
The big let down is unfortunately Angelic particles remixed by Doof, the melody is terribly overused, it sounds awfully repetitive to the point that you wonder what Doof was thinking when making this. I think it was an attempt at creating a deeper version but to me it sounds like inspiration was missing. A major disappointment considering how good the original was.
Vimana is nice, it's a track that we heard many many times in different versions though. It's pretty much the same as this one.
To finish, Insomnie is something special, the original is a clean soft goa track, not that well known and this live mix adds new layers, new twists, it is more acid, more twisted, more energetic. One of the highlights of this compilation. 

Rating: 7.5/10.

To buy > https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-analog-visions 

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Trance2MoveU    363

Two things...One, that didn't take long!  And two...this is a quality review.

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Jaza    30

I love hearing these versions from a time when live sets were live, so the version you hear on the night may never quite be heard again.

The version of Conflict is trippy in its subtlety early on.

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