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Skeletone : Second Strike (new album 01 / 01 / 2019)

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RTP    31

[Disclaimer: the text below is subject to change, I will remove this as soon as I am totally sure with the text ... the only thing certain here is our second album Second Strike.]

We got tired of goatrance not being the way we like it. So we created our own.
We got tired of electronic music not being the way we like it. So we created our own.

Well ... the first line is indeed how it started. But as we made our second strike, we rather concentrated on the second line and - went over it. And currently we are at the third. So I would say. the third one is not visible here :) 

You see, the border is only in your head. It's not about the border and it's not about us. We are merely two drops of water, floating in an ocean.

Does Goatrance go with trumpets? That was the first question. Does Goatrance go with trump? Does Goatrance go with politics? and what does trance has to say about it?
These things we answered in Trump Rising.

And then ... it broke loose. Some say Trump did the same. He broke loose aswell. So...

You may find that we have broadened the perspective. What was still "goatrance" or at least related to it on our first album, has become not the center anymore.

It has practical reasons. Making the tracks on the first album "On The Run for the White" was painstaking as you may find the melodies stick to your head. Well, they stuck to ours more. We made the tracks and therefore may be the persons in this universe who listened most to it as we tweaked this part, cancelled this, rewired that ... if you are in a room with one of our tracks for more than 6 hours in a row, things happen. Try it out :) 

And furthermore: nobody can give you the experience so significantly than experiencing for yourself for example how frickin' easy it is to throw some dubstep sounds together after your brain has become numb. It really was ... interesting. And yes, we used one of these parts taht we did. We just had to. For us. For our sake.

Also, my mate has become very fond of using vocals. We unfortunately had not the perfect singer, so we had to dig some up ... and well, for that, the result is perfect in my opinion.

And the goa, the goa ... I tell you something: if a track is not goa, does that make it bad? Not in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, we love goa. But damn, I really like the new tracks: precisely Better Things, Trump Rising, Dubster Interference, Out of Kicks and Tricky Names.
That's just a plain good result in my opinion.

We are currently breaking another barrier (don't worry, we will get even better, there is something really good up the horizon but I cannot yet reveal ... I just say: it is the land of sound we are ending up in once we have completed the journey of that second album ... and yeah, we have _almost_ because what was left is to release the album ... but that is done hereby) ... stay tuned.
The phases are: START -> LEARN -> FULFILL.
"On The Run..." was the start. "Second Strike" is the learn. Soon we will FULFILL!

What's left to say is: please, do enjoy this piece and leave a comment. I am very interested what you say.


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Tsotsi    61
On 1/11/2019 at 8:56 AM, RTP said:

Does Goatrance go with trumpets? That was the first question. Does Goatrance go with trump? Does Goatrance go with politics? and what does trance has to say about it?
These things we answered in Trump Rising

I was worried that the track was going to be full of silly quips designed to poke fun at the guy. I was relieved when I couldn't personally connect the track with Trump. 

But I'll bite all the same. What is Goa trance? Does it have feelings, can it breath, does it hold opinions and have the ability for suffering or joy? No but we do. Goa trance has nothing to say about politics, it is up to us to decide what we have to say about it and what medium we use to communicate those feelings and thought. Should the medium be trance? I can't say, but I can say that the hysteria surrounding one guy who says some crazy shit but really isn't that horrible shouldn't seep into our own heads.

The world was full of problems before Trump and his impact on humanity is going to be negligible. And now all of a sudden somehow he is the problem? Awfully simplistic thinking typical of our species. Yet the impact we allow one person to have on our minds is silly. The media hasn't learnt their lesson, the other politicians haven't changed, citizens have hardly found any wisdom in all of this. Has a rich person not been in charge of America? Has a president not funded some form of wall protecting their country from outsiders? I see the difference between T-dog and other presidents but think they are just superficial.

Good track though

Your production has gotten waaaay tighter and cleaner. pretty big improvement considering the time since your last release. The trumpets where cool but way better towards the end when they were mixed in with other leads. Overall i think the we can say that trumpets and trance work.

Out of kicks was definitely my favourite as it had the greatest emphasise on that clubby atmosphere that most the songs contained. I think I'd be able to play these tracks at any house party so well done. The vocals in track 1 weren't my favourite but not because they were bad just because that style of vocal trance ain't my thing. 

I'm genuinely looking forward to the third instalment and can say that my eyes are set on that horizon of yours.



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