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Denshi Danshi - Brain Chemistry [Suntrip Records]


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Quick quick, before the end of the year a review of another Suntrip album must be written! :D

Artist: Denshi Danshi
Label: Suntrip Records
Format: CD and Digital
Released: October 19, 2018


01. Parallel Universe (Original Mix)               08:28
02. Starjna (Original Mix)                                08:58
03. Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)  09:55
04. Alpha Omega (Original Mix)                     07:59
05. Blink Of An Eye (Original Mix)                  07:41
06. Brain Chemistry (Original Mix)                 09:31
07. Sukha (Original Mix)                                  10:12
08. Lemmon 714 (Original Mix)                      07:33
09. The Upside Down (Original Mix)               08:37

Lovely title, lovely cover.

Denshi Danshi are a duo from France. Earlier they released Fluid Dynamics with some older unreleased tracks. I admit that it didn't grab my attention.
I wasn't in for the old sound. But here they deliver a modern goa album filled with some heavy dancing monsters.

Parallel Universe uses screeching acid lines surrounded by a lush melodic atmosphere. Very trancy! A bright opener. Starjna starts with a rolling bassline. Without hesitating, goa melodies fly around. All parts of the song flow into one another so organic. Beautiful. Technically this is very strong. But also story-wise, it is very intriguing and pleasant. A bouncy track! Leave The World Behind has a darker forest-like bassline, less my style. The centre of the track involves real psychedelic goa melodies. Besides the gloomier bassline underneath, the song breathes power, light and dancing legs. It gets better and better near the end. Alpha Omega is a multi-layered bomb. Very acidic, uplifting and bubbly. It has it all. Again crisp production. Ace track. And very danceable. A tad darker is Blink Of An Eye. A linear track that goes for the hypnotic feel. Not mesmerizing, but will do the job on the floor. The title track Brain Chemistry has my love. This is pure trance. How the epic break is surrounded by goa elements is superb. The rest of the track oozes speed and energy.
Sukha blesses us with a lovely and addictive heavy bassline throughout the whole track. Things get real psychedelic here. I would go completely mental when I would hear this at a party. The track runs for more than 10 minutes and offers a lot in that time. Very exciting and warm! The drop at 6:43 is funny as hell. ;)Lemmon 714 is the easier track here. It's hard to be amongst all those other dancefloor stompers. Make no mistake, this is no resting track. But compared to the rest of the album, this one takes it easy. Not my favorite and not memorable, but good to slow it down a little before the end. The final track The Upside Down is again slower. Denshi Danshi goes for a soft landing. This is a very trancy track that will hypnotise you step by step. Good closing of the album.

The way I sense it, there is no red line through this album, story- or structure-wise. That's not a bad thing though.
All tracks display a clear beautiful sound and are made strictly for dancing.
It's no cult or classic album, but when in need of a good and firm goa shot or some beats for in the car, pick a track and you're good to go.
Or play this at home just before going to a party. It will get you all psyched up!
I love it!

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I missed this review thread somehow earlier but anyways..

WOW! What an album, for me it is pretty much now in my top 10 or at least 15 of all time I think...

Recently had the chance to hear it "properly" :).. and i was completely blown away... From Leave The World Behind until Brain Chemistry is some seriously great tracks. I don't know how many times i replayed that section over and over hah.. Some extremely impressive psychedelic melodies and all with a perfect amount of layers at the same time. Really tickled all the right places inside my earlobes!

Denshi Danshi i salute you, just absolutely epic work! This one is staying on my trip rotation!

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