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Artist: Koan
Title: Leap of Faith
Label: Blue Tunes Recordings
Date: March, 2018

1. My Personal Dark Knight
2. Reflection
3. Margin Call
4. Manifesto
5. Mayda
6. Gabriel's Trump Card
7. Jinn's Keeper
8. The Die is Cast
9. Vendetta
10. Entangled Threads (Roeth and Grey Version)
11. Syndicate (Roeth and Grey Version)
12. Esbat (Witch Arrow Mix)
13. At the Sunset of Red Moon (Witch Arrow Mix)
14. Mayferien Nights (New Orlean Mix)
15. Abendreiterin

"There's no use praying my friend.  Even your God knows better than to come here."

This Russian duo is nothing if not prolific.  Like the vast majority of their output this is a digital release sounding like a solid piece of progressive trance firmly entrenched in the Blue Tunes vein.  Dreamy, uplifting, and bouncy trance that more than flirts with a techno vibe.  It's a pretty varied cross section of the progressive genre, sometimes sounding cold and clinical.  On the other hand it can also be warm and precise with tracks like the Witch and Arrow mix of Esbat and the New Orlean mix of Mayferien Nights bringing a smile to my face the whole way through.  Far from perfect it is still quite enjoyable and shows that this duo isn't afraid to move in different directions.

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