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Artists/Djs you follow on soundcloud??


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I think soundcloud is the best application for music due to its background feature that enables the listener to carry on other tasks while listening to music .

YouTube although great for the amount of music it has , the app cannot be minimized without losing the audio of the track you're listening to , unless i have missed some upgrade? :P 

So please posts the artists / festivals  you guys are following on soundcloud for release updates , sample tracks , full tracks and DJ's for their sets ? 

Im following just a handful eg Zen Mechanics & Suduaya but am looking for a wider selection. 

Please feel free to post music from other psy influenced genres (if applicable)  that is worth mentioning as well. ( psytechno, psytechhouse , deeppsyhouse etc :lol:

Thanks in advance :D 

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You should follow me exotic! :) Anyway, I think pages like Mixcloud are real good alternatives for DJ-mixes. 

Mostly DJ-sets recorded live from actual events. But also some artist tracks 

^ this one contains a vinyl Techno dj-set which is superb :wub: 


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I should start using SC again! 

Right now, I use Bandcamp and Mixcloud (D-Dave DAT favourite, yeahhh baby!!) 


I have one recommendation for you : Kunal! 

Sadly there is only one mix posted over there :|

His most epic mix From Disco Valley to eternity can be found here : https://goatranch.com/2010/03/27/tree-tribe-disco-valley2eternity/


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I don't really use Soundcloud for my listening pleasure. I do follow the artists that I plan/try to release in the near future though :) through Digital Reprints.

The Bandcamp app has also the same feature of background play and I find it much more  user friendly. 

Having said that Elysium I think is my favourite. WAV quality music available for download as well.




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