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If you like Psynews please donate


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Psynews has been delivering psytrance news and forums FOR FREE since January 2000!
From a recycled Pentium II 400 with 16Mb ram running FreeBSD in a wardrobe connected to some home ADSL line...
...to a recycled Athlon 1.3 Ghz with 1Gb ram (running Windows, and which eventually caught fire!) connected to a faster ADSL line...
...to another recycled machine running Linux...
...to a dedicated Linux server in a proper datacenter, with proper backup, and a 1Gbps line !!!
This server also runs suntriprecords.com, psysurfeur.comfilteria.com, toidoi.fr, 604bookings.com and a couple of other websites related to Psysurfeur's job.
Manu Psysurfeur (http://psysurfeur.com), a Goatrance veteran who's been filming parties for 10+ years, has been paying 36€ incl VAT each month for that dedicated server since 2008! I donate him 100€ when I can/remind to.

We've also paid for domain names, SSL certificates, mail service, and we updated/upgraded/tuned/secured/monitored the server and its websites for free! All these years.

Psynews also runs on an Invision board, which is super stable and cool, but its licensing model changed and it costs $50/year now.


Therefore, in the summer 2017 we started an Indiegogo generosity campaign to raise funds to keep the site going. We had to move to GoFundMe since.


More than $300 were gathered in a few days, which allowed to renew the domain for several years, and purchase several semesters worth of forum licenses. THANKS for that.


The site is safe for now, but please remember: if you enjoyed surfing on Psynews, if you learned interesting things about Psytrance, met great people, found out about yummy releases or parties, then it would be really appreciative of yours to donate a few € every other year to help us.

>> The Psynews GoFundMe generosity campaign <<

Thank you in advance ;)

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I'd like to add: you can also donate us BAT

(these are earned by just using the BRAVE browser, which rewards you if you activate ads ... this way empowering you and only you with the decision on who should receive ad rewards - we would be happy if you chose us...)

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