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Code Vision Records

VA) Goa Files Volume 1 - Compiled by DJ Setidat

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We are opening a new chapter with "Goa Files" trilogy bringed to you by our label DJ Setidat.


This brand new compilation presents some of the biggest heavyweights artists in the Goa Trance scene such as California Sunshine ( DJ Miko & Har-el Prusky) Ultimate Xperience, Goasia, M-Run, Miranda, OOOD, Celestial Intelligence, Omnivox and Joyfull NaTives.


Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/OL0X0U

Beatport: https://goo.gl/Fo5IzR

Spotify: https://goo.gl/jaJV2L


Track List


01-Ultimate Xperience - The Night Creatures (III)

02-OOOD - Silence (2017 Reboot)

03-Goasia - Analog Steroids

04-M-Run - Alien Brain Train 2017

05-Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer

06-Joyfull Natives - Gate Of Aliens

07-Miranda - Svarg

08-Omnivox - We Are Infinity

09-California Sunshine - Wonderland (2011 Edit)



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Paul Eye    451

Beatport exclusive release

Well, in that case I won't even consider it.

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Xamanist    14

Nice one again by DJ Setidat, glad to see fellow Joyfull Natives there! :)

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