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Searching for a festival to attend with gf (1st one)


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I've been listening to psytrance for more then a decade now. Me and my gf are together for 4 years now, this summer she wants to brighten her horizon and want to come with my to a psy festival.

Does anyone have any ideas, I've been searching on the net. But I can not make up my mind.

I just want a really great special festival for my girlfriend. Not to big, not to small..

Music might just be a mix of everything. As long as there is progressive.


So far I have found Shankra festival and New Healing festival. Important is that the festival can not be the last 3 weeks of august. Also we are planning to travel in East-Europe. So Poland, Czech, Austria, Germany, Lithuania...


thanks in advance and kind regards :)

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the most redeeming features of any festivals still left in austria is that they aren't too far to drive for austrians. it's not worth it to come here for a festival. politicians have made the life as difficult as possible for the organisers that most have given up or moved elsewhere. (btw: austria is not eastern but central europe ;) )


i know you didn't hae a festival that's too big, but wouldn't ozora or boom still be obvious choices with a great variety in music and the "full experience"? the atmosphere at those big events is really different than at smaller festivals. (at least it was a few years ago when i was there the last time)

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I'd definately recommend Space Safari as a spring-time warm-up for bigger festivals. Great atmosphere, friendly people, good music. But if you want to go all-in, then I'd say Ozora, like Squid said, the main advantage of big festivals is that there are loads of scenes and there's a little something for everyone, you never get bored.

Now the main disadvantage with going all-out to a great festival from the start is that once you go to smaller venues after that it feels a bit dissapointing (presonally I've stopped going to small parties all together because I find them too boring compared to big festivals...)

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