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slow classics

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Hey there.


Please name classic goa tracks ('94-'99) that stay below 133 bpm. Yeah i know, Screaming Butterfly of course. What else do we have?


Thanks guys. :)

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Bypass Unit - Zenia

Man With No Name - Cairo

The Infinity Project - Time & Space, Feeling Very Weird, ...

Genetic - Transmission

Transwave - Byron Bay

Koxbox - Doktor Mesmer, ...

Encens - Psychedelic Sun, Venus Zen

The Overlords - Sundown

some tracks from Order Odonata

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Transwave - Phototropic

Etnica - Hell's kitchen

(Etnica - Trip tonite? Not sure about the BPM)

Cosmix and Kristian - The vision

Koxbox - Searching for psychoactive herbs

Taiyo (Prana) - Taiyo

The muses rapt - The ancient sound of the God

Elysium vs Worm - Yemaya (not sure about the BPM again but pretty sure it should be around 130)

Transwave - Ulysse (1 and 2)

Blue planet corporation - Roma

MFG - The message

Logic bomb - Normalised

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Cosmosis - Dawn Of An Era

Total Eclipse - Age Of Reason, Bad Data, Untitled

Apollo 3D - Nature Song

MFG - Mystic Dawn

Prism - Vapour Trails

White Dent - Neinstein (Dragonfly style goa, produced by Youth)

Juno Reactor - Ice Cube, Alash When I Graze My Beautiful Sheep

Deviant Electronics - Elastic Bang (IIRC)

GAD - Apollo 3D album (probably most of it)


I can't be arsed to look up BPMs but there should be some good slow tracks on POF comps as well, like Electro Psychedelic Trance and Nataraja 3.

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Assuming tracks with a steady beat (and assuming I remember that all these have a steady beat):


Hux Flux - Experimenting With Potions

MFG - Electric Bubbles (it's 134 but worth mentioning)

MFG - Metamorphosis

Transwave - Biolab

Slide - Searching Slowly

Total Eclipse - Nakano Ghost

Space Tribe - The Flower Of Life

Space Tribe - The Source Energy

Genetic - Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

Mumble - Blart

UX - Alien Earth Activity

Doof - Giving Godhead

Etnica - Human Geometry

Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix)

Basically the entire first Infinite Excursions compilation

Anesthesia - Plastic City

Viper - Snaked (Black Cobra Mix)

Spies - Inorganic Being

Growling Mad Scientists - 1.3 Crumbs (also 134 but whatever)

Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden

Cydonia - Narco Nympho


More to come maybe later.

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