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Amithaba Buddha - Angels Trumpets


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Artist: Amithaba Buddha

Title: Angels Trumpets

Label: Submoon Records

Date: September, 2015


1. Angels Trumpets (Discipline Mix)

2. Ten Thousand Buddhas

3. Manuscript (Free Spirit Mix)

4. Celestine Rhythm (Book of Job Mix)

5. Angels Walk Among Us (Forest Mix)

6. Electric Indigo

7. Stay Wild Moon Child





How do you do this again? It's been a while. Funny I just mentioned to Ivan that I've taken a break from psy music and here I am cobbling a review together. You know life happens and it can be hard to find the time to craft a review. The artists definitely deserve it, but the struggle is real people. Perhaps I've written so many of them and there is nothing left to say. To me it's just album art and kick drums at this point. This is the latest album from polarizing artist Filipe Santos and he has a definite style that is instantly recognizable. High tempo, layer intensive, melodic, danceable music. With this being the third under the moniker Amithaba Buddha I can't say it sounds any different than Goa Gate or Myself In The Mirror.


But that's because after all these years of listening to goa it has begun to run together for me. Not just his, but all goa music. Look he has a formula and he follows it to a tee. The music (as always) is great, but after you get through the up and down with the scales and the head nodding rhythms what else is there? And to say that the 7 tracks bear a very strong resemblance to each other is like figuring out water is wet. Don't get me wrong, as a collector and fan of goa music I'm glad I bought this and will recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Filipe's style. But...blah, blah, blah...Goa Gate II...super talented and prolific...


Perhaps I've reached burnout stage, but I think a revolution is in order.




Submoon Bandcamp

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I'm confused. Are you saying the album is excellent but you find goa boring? Or is the album boring? Thing is with Filipe is he can make a good track, uneventful, but still good. Then he makes another good track, but it follows the same exact formula and after that the third good track just becomes tiresome. The foundation never changes, the basslines, rhythm and sounds stay the same and the progression becomes very predictable. This has been a problem in all of his music throughout the years though unique tracks slip in between productions.


That's not to say this is bad. This album reminds me of Moon Tribe with the sharp sounds, just way more in your face and predictable. For example there's some fantastic leads and melodies here, especially in tracks 1, 3 and 4, but the thing is, it just becomes so damn predictable so damn quick. Just like this so damn predictable sentence in this so damn predictable text editor.

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Here's what I don't get about certain comments people make about goa... Why must new music always be something completely different, unique, ground breaking, or anti-formulaic? There's only so much that can be done within a certain framework. Filipe knows and understands the nuances of musical composition within this style so well that everything he makes is EXACTLY what I want to hear and what I would hope goa sounds like when I go to buy a new album. I don't care if I've heard something similar before, even from track to track on the same album. His music is so mystical, powerful, and I feel the story he's telling in each track which was definitely created with love and brilliance. I don't know Filipe, likely never will, don't care about if he's a "model citizen" or anti-social and rebellious (don't know if he's either of these or anywhere in between), but he has passion for the music he's creating and I can hear it, every time, in every track. I will continue to buy and listen to his music without even sampling beforehand because I love it. The production and mastering quality on this album is very smooth, full of breadth and depth, even though the balance and layer volumes could be more delicately structured instead of just full-on facesmashing , but I enjoy that too. Filipe could develop more when crafting each sound/instrument, with more variation and effects, but that would possibly take away from the raw power that the already complicated and beautiful melodies deliver, don't know. I don't produce this style of music so I'm not an expert.


Overall, fantastic album. If I'm the only person that loves it, too bad. I'd welcome an invite to Filipe's studio to even just go and give him a high five, see what he's working on next, have a tea and say goodbye. Felipe please keep doing what you're doingias long as you love it, and love the sounds you make. I know I sure do, and I appreciate your contribution to the musical universe.

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Still a great album though I feel his previous two were more detailed and lush.  The more I listen to this it's like speed nitzhogoa if I were to try and pinpoint the style within the style.  Damn is it danceable though.

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