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"V/A - Orientation Vol. 1"


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Artist: Various

Title: Orientation Vol. 1

Label: Dacru Records

Date: June, 2006


1. Chromosome - Solstice Deluxe

2. Farbo - Tranceforming Pi

3. Ephedrix - Add Guitars To X

4. Alternative Control Vs. Bishop - Anaxadora

5. Digicult - In The River

6. Freakulizer - Radioshow

7. Barak - Love and Distance

8. Chemical Drive - Last Galaxy

9. Ephedrix - Fade To Grey (Ephedrix Remix)

10. Digicult - The Zen Mind




"I want to stay on track. I want to accelerate my personal growth in the right direction."






Well that's noble and I don't want to tell you your business, but...you're doing it wrong.


After many years listening to this music and having written hundreds of reviews could I have finally stumbled upon sh*tty psytrance patient 0? The jumping off point that infected psytrance worldwide and made full-on a four letter word?


Of course not. This was made in 2006 and the mountain of sh*t was Everest level by then. But my God this is like discovering a fully preserved T-rex. Only it's not actually a T-rex at all, just a giant glob of his sh*t. This is truly unlistenable music saddled with cliche' after cliche' that will have you reaching for the aspirin bottle. And they made six of these?


If you go ahead and order this be prepared to be disgusted

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I've noted that when Trance2MoveU writes something like "the crappiest of the crappy full-on crap ever made", chances are that I'll like the music, I've discovered a bunch of nice albums in this way, so please do review some more crappy full-on cheese!


But I agree that the first of this series was not very good. The fifth one is their best and one of my favourite full-on releases ever, 3rd and 4th are also not bad at all.

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