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Sykespico - Sonic Bomb EP


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Artist: Sykespico

Title: Sonic Bomb EP

Label: Zion604

Date: August, 2015


1. Fly

2. Attatchment

3. Sonic Bomb


"The hour for which people have been waiting for centuries."





The end of f*cking summer? That's what I'm waiting for cause it's f*cking hot. Unnatural. Did you know that this last July was the hottest on record for the planet? At least when it's cold you can throw on a damn coat. With this heat walking to the mailbox becomes an endeavor. I hate summer. There's only three reasons to sweat this much and having lunch isn't one of them. Either you having some vigorous nookie, getting a good workout (which could be the same thing) or you're in a sauna. Don't know why you would want to be in a box and crank up the heat though. Sounds like torture. Goofy knows what I'm talking about, look at him. He just wants a f*cking ham sandwich.


*All previous statements will be bullsh*t once I install my in ground pool. Then summer is awesome.*



Thankfully this thermal nut punch will be over soon and we can get back to the business of enjoying time outside without suffering from swamp ass. Seems the labels are knee deep in hot sweaty hippies at festivals this summer so the releases have pretty much slowed to a crawl. This one almost flew under the radar, but don't worry I gotcha. This duo has released a track on the Flight 604 II compilation and it was kick ass. No clue who they are could be anybody. One thing I'm sure of is that I'm not one of them. And look at Zion dipping their toe in the digital market. Three tracks of somewhat drifting goa trance. Nothing spectacular just good, quality music perfect for on the beach listening. Attachment has a bit of the old school sound to my ears and Fly had a nice guitar crunch. Didn't think I would like it, but they made it work. Well worth throwing this duo a few scheckles.


Zion604 Bandcamp

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These guys are great. "Travel Fullmoonlight" on Flight 604 II is the best track on that compilation after the one by Cymatics.


This EP is more of the same creative, groovy, trippy goa. Love it, and happy to see more stuff released by them.

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I just want you to know I was halfway through reviewing this again before I realized that I had already reviewed it.


I need help.

:D a different review at different time by the same person can be considered a different view :P so post away!
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