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Artist: Various (Kinda)

Title: Goa Exit

Label: Subliminal Records

Date: 1995


1. Martin Cooper - Fly In The Rajastan

2. Tomahawk - Xingu

3. Spectral - Trans O 10 C

4. Guarana Cupana - Red Aum

5. Zig Zag - Juno Transportation

6. Guarana Cupana - Syrinx

7. Martin Cooper - 303 Keops

8. Zig Zag - Global Subject

9. Tomahawk - Plastic Form



Ok no secret this is mostly all the same guy. Most of his most memorable music was produced under the project Asia 2001 with a slew of great albums. Hell Suntrip just re-released one of his and goa trance's highest achievements with Psykadelia. This is some of his earlier work and like a lot of goa music from back then it sounds dated and thin. The tracks have plenty of good ideas and melodies, but the technology simply might not have been there to make this a standout. A couple of tracks benefited from remastering on Avatar's Amnesia back in 2005. If you're looking for some of his best work check that out.


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I tend to agree with your review except the technical part, there were MANY who could made mind blowing productions in the early years, just mentioning Simon Posford, X-Dream, Etnica who created really awesome produced tracks already in 1993/4/5... so it is just that maybe he did not have the skills (or the machines!) to make better productions back then. He clearly got better with time, but I agree this is a forgettable cd.

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