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Recommend me some Psychedelic Deep Trance

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I'm looking for some deep trance/prog chill like akshan's releases on altar.... It needs to have a 4/4 kick and must be around 100-120 bpm.



I already have some other altar stuff like the Ra and E-Mantra Downtempo albums, the Neogoa releases and quite a lot of ultimae releases (although these seldom categorize into the kind of slower trance that I'm looking for), but any track/album is a welcome recommendation.



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Hi !


First of all, I recommend the keyword 'chillgressive' when you search fir this kind of stuff, as it is the name of the genre.


Now, a few recommandations :




Sephira - Imagination in Motion


Sephira - Monkey Tales




Most of Altar's stuff, including :


Astral Waves - Magnétique


But some albums might conceal some gems (Lab's Cloud, Suduaya, etc.)



Also, some stuff by Ultimae, such as Asura - Code Eternity, or




I would also recommand :


VA - Spiritual Doping




This is a must-hear :


Shantifax - Complete Tranceformation

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Thanks for all the recommendations guys!


Downloading Sephira as we speak and ordered some Alwoods and the Astral Waves album and will definitely check out the rest too!

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