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Goa and record/playback platforms - CD/Digital, Vinyl, Tape


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We insist, there is simply no other decent kind of music playback. What else is there? The download makes sound distorted. The CD, which was a fabrication of corporations to reduce production costs, is compressing sound, not taking harmonics.


This is an opinion of many music aficionados, an opinion one can possibly come across oftenly.


So, here it is another 5,000 year war topic.. On which platform does goa/psy music sounds better? CD / Digital, Vinyl, cassete tapes ?

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Mr Mustafa, whose is this quote ?


It's comments and statements from a city guide about local recordshops. This viewpoint is a common place among these people, and to avoid nasty thoughts, plenty of these underground shops offer CD releases too or otherwise prefer to deal with CDs only when Vinyl is not available.

Of course, most of these shops promote mostly Rock or Jazz. So, a good question might be if this has an effect on instruments or hardware produced music, software produced music, or no effect to either.

And as i said before, this is an opinion of many music aficionados or plain listeners i come across oftenly since i got involved in music.


For the only thing i'm abit skeptical about the Vinyl format is the endurance of it's material.

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