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Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard EP


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Artist: Slinky Wizard

Title: Slinky Wizard EP

Label: Flying Rhino Records

Date: 1994


1. Wizard

2. Lunar Juice

3. The Rising



The very first release from goa powerhouse label Flying Rhino is remarkable for not only it's quality, but also because of when it first came out. Twenty years ago and it still sounds super fresh. That's how you create a classic release. Wizard is a deep psychedelic goa monster that really is timeless. Is it just me or does the melody sound like the one found in Hallucinogen's LSD? It would make sense since Simon was involved with this project. Lunar Juice (which also had Simon's hand upon it though not the more well known Moon Strudel Mix) growls like a ferocious cat and again doesn't sound dated at all. The Rising is filler compared to the first two tracks, but even that one is still a pretty good one.



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That's right, MdK, that's how you create a timeless record.

Some things don't age well, but this one does.

Last week was the first time I heard this EP (really). I'm having an urge to dive into the realms of classic and early goa trance.

You know, just to see where all this neogoa originates from.


Wizard is a beast. Going from trippy lush goa to more fiercely created sounds. All very organic and spontaneous.

I love the sound. Pure trance.


With Lunar Juice, Slinky Wizard shows how to effective use acid lines to get that dance floor hypnotism and mayhem going.

From layer to layer, up to the stars!! What a trip! This is the track that made me do research on Slinky Wizard.


So glad I found this music.


It shows that it doesn't have to sound loud and modern to be timeless, but when you mix the right sounds and you create the right sounds, that's a talent.



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Wizard is one of my favourite trance tracks! Nice slower smooth style, not many people did that back then, and few do now. It's a different vibe from the dubby or glitchy chillout stuff that people gravitate towards when they want to do something slower. Lunar Juice also: great! One of the first goa tracks I heard, and still a favourite. Great acid sounds on that one.

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