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Artist: UNTR

Title: Darkmoon

Label: Surface Tension Records

Date: September, 2014


1. Slow Incredibles

2. Activate Nemesis Program

3. I Am Not Sharing My Body

4. En Ej Es

5. Mnemonic

6. Monster

7. And They Were Singing

8. Hypnocil

9. Equilibrium

10. Your Eyes Will Lie To You

11. There Is Nothing Wrong



"I don't want that responsibility anymore! What happened...happened!"


I think the artist just unintentionally described his album.


Darkpsy goa? That's just me trying to put everything in a nice, neat box. It's really quite simple. The refrigerator has two bins. One labelled for fruit and one marked for vegetables. It's written right on the drawer. You can see that can't you? The little words...right there? Right on the front of the drawer?




But I guess darkpsy goa is what you could call this. Fast basslines, high tension sci-fi horror atmosphere, and sample heavy trance that has spacey goa melodies. It's dark and intense kinda like an anti-Suntrip. Did I mention that there were a lot of samples? A f*ckton. A sh*tload.


*Olli Wisdom strolls by and hi-fives artist*


So many that they dominate every track. As if he built the music around them. Unfortunately it makes the music secondary and transparent because every thirty seconds you're hit with a sample laden with dread. Well done sample from movies we love mind you, but it gets old rather quickly. Heard the first track? Heard 'em all. I like what he tried to do, but too many repeated samples that reveal the music needs more evolution. Still if you need more darkness in your goa it's only 5 Euro so it ain't gonna kill ya.


But I'm listening...





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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I must admit, when I read "dark" and "Goa", I am sold. But I really agree about the sample overuse. It is like any of the 7 minute tracks has at least 5 minutes of speech layered on top of them. It's really too much.


The music itself is great, however, and I got "and they were singing" stuck in rotation for a while now. Hell of a track.

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The music is great, exciting, and edgy. The overuse of voice samples (echoed voice samples, etc.) heavily distracts from the experience. Some of the songs aren't as voice heavy as the opening track, fortunately.

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On 11/12/2014 at 12:36 AM, Cybernetika said:

The music itself is great, however, and I got "and they were singing" stuck in rotation for a while now. Hell of a track.

Definitely the best track, it has a very dramatic feel. This track should be a classic. 

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